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Undergraduate admissions

Oxford University is world-famous for academic excellence. We pick the best and brightest students purely on their academic merit and passion for their chosen course. If that sounds like you, and you like to think for yourself, Oxford could be the right university for you.

Key Dates
LNAT (for Law) must be taken between1 September and 20 October 2016
UCAS application deadline15 October 2016
Registration deadline for all admissions tests (except LNAT)15 October 2016
All admissions tests take place (except LNAT)2 November 2016

Most Popular Questions

What subjects should I take to A-level (or equivalent)?

Any specific subject requirements are listed on our individual course pages or in this summary table of entrance requirements.

Where can I find advice on writing my personal statement?

You can find advice on writing your personal statement here. There is also very useful guidance available from UCAS.

I need to take an admissions test, how do I find a test centre?

If you are currently at school or college, you can normally take your admissions test there but you do need to arrange this well in advance with your exams officer. Otherwise contact the  Admissions Testing Service to find a test centre.

Is there any guidance for teachers writing references?

Our teachers' e-guide gives advice and UCAS also offer detailed guidance on writing references.

What is the latest news on how the EU referendum is likely to impact on Oxford students?

For the latest news from the University about how the EU referendum is likely to affect our students please see our news and events webpages. 



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