Oxford Hub volunteers
Oxford Hub volunteers
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Bring about real change in the community with Oxford Hub!

We are a charity working to build a more equal, resilient, and connected Oxford. We run volunteering programmes and collaborative projects that support people to participate and thrive in their community, and to bring about systemic change.

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Why volunteer in Oxford?

Oxford is an amazing city, but it also has inequalities. There's so much you can do as a student to challenge this inequality while you're living here...

  • Support local people to thrive
  • Increase your sense of belonging to the city, your wellbeing, and your sense of agency (power to create change in the world)
  • Develop transferable skills beyond your degree, such as teamwork and leadership
  • Meet and collaborate with other like-minded students and members of the wider Oxford community
  • Change the system for a better, more equal city.

Some current projects

  • Schools Plus - Tackle educational inequality by tutoring a local young person, between 7-18 years old, in your preferred subject for one hour a week – or join the Schools Plus Committee to help run the programme behind the scenes.
  • FELLOW - Teach an English class or be a 1:1 tutor for an adult learning English. Help members of the community to build confidence and proficiency speaking English, through informal 1:1 language-sharing meetups and conversation classes, or by helping to run the programme behind the scenes.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters - Big Brothers Big Sisters is our long-term mentoring programme for young people who'd benefit from a positive adult role model. Meet up weekly with a local young person aged 7-11, take them on fun activities, and be a committed regular presence in their life for at least one full year. This is a high-commitment, high-impact volunteering role.

Visit Oxford Hub’s programmes page to find all our volunteering roles. 

Volunteering for Crankstart & Lloyds Scholars

Oxford Hub provides a bespoke volunteering support service for Scholars. This includes support through exclusive events, placements, one-on-one support meetings, and high quality programmes that count towards your goal of 25 hours of volunteering a year.

Fundraising is fun

Join Oxford SU’s Raise and Give (RAG) and fundraise through some great events for four charities chosen by our students. From hitchhiking around Europe and beyond in Jailbreak, to walking the runway at the RAG Fashion Show, to dancing the night away at the RAG Ball, there’s something for everybody.

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