Student from Cherwell newspaper
A student from the Cherwell, one of several student newspapers at Oxford


Oxford's student newspapers and radio stations have long been the training ground for some of Britain’s most successful journalists and broadcasters.

Even if you don’t want to be a professional journalist, you can develop your skills and CV by honing your writing, publishing articles, or broadcasting across the airwaves.

Student newspapers and magazines

Oxford has several student-run newspapers, each offering a different editorial perspective. Editors are always on the look out for more content and fresh voices, so if you like writing and have something to say, then there will be an outlet for you. 

Choose from:


  • start your own blog or college magazine if there isn’t one
  • get involved with running your college’s social media

Oxide radio

Oxford's only student-run radio station, Oxide plays out through the Internet. Featuring a wide range of different shows, the station broadcasts during term time - from music of all genres to chat shows, news and sport - covering stories in Oxford and beyond.

Student radio is at the heart of university culture across the country and further afield, giving students the opportunity to have their voices heard by a global audience. Oxide provides the perfect platform for our students to explore their interest in radio broadcasting.