Freshers Fair
Freshers Fair

Freshers' fair

Many students use the amazing opportunities at Oxford to foster their interests outside of their academic studies - for instance, did you know that Star Wars actors Felicity Jones and Riz Ahmed developed their acting skills in student productions while they were studying here?

Several students have used the University's excellent sporting facilities to help them on their way to becoming Olympians and Paralympians. Other students have focused on politics, journalism, or literature. Many sports and other activities are heavily subsidised so it's the perfect time to try something new - the choice really is yours!

Whether you want to aim for the stratosphere, or are just looking for a hobby, you will have lots of opportunities for meeting like-minded people as soon as you arrive.

Find out more about dates and what's on at the Freshers' Fair.

Oxford is full of possibilities, allowing you to develop your academic work alongside pretty much anything else you could possibly be interested in. It can promise more than beautiful buildings and Quidditch, so it's really about realising the University’s potential as much as your own. Oxford is well and truly what you make it…


Freshers' Fair

Oxford University's Student Union’s (Oxford SU) Freshers’ Fair, held at the start of your first term in October will ensure you know the extent of your options.

Whatever your interest, there will be a club or society for you. 

You can become involved in any one of the over 400 clubs and societies that interests you whatever your experience or background. If you still think something is missing, you are welcome to set up your own, either through your college or University-wide.

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