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St Peter's College
St Peter's College.
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St Peter's College

St Peter’s is one of Oxford’s younger colleges, noted for its friendliness, flexibility and informality. St Peter’s is an inclusive, tolerant and open community and, in accordance with the University’s admissions policy, we encourage students from all backgrounds to apply.

St Peter's CollegeStudents studying in the grounds of St Peter's College.
The undergraduate community is both tightly knit and notably active in University clubs and societies. The college is renowned for the excellent relations that exist between students and tutors. We have a strong welfare team for student support, and a student finance officer who is on hand to help students facing unforeseen financial difficulties.


The college occupies an attractive site close to many University departments and libraries, and to both bus and railway stations. Oxford’s shops, cafés, theatres and cinemas are just minutes away, as is the popular Castle site.

Accommodation and meals

We are able to house all undergraduates for at least two years. Undergraduates generally live out of college in the second year. Accommodation ranges from traditional study bedrooms on the main college site to modern purpose-built residences (with ensuite facilities and small communal kitchens) a few minutes’ walk away. All rooms are singles and have internet points. A full meal service is provided in the dining hall.

Read more on the college website.


The library is open 24 hours a day. It is fully automated and is well stocked with both basic texts and some of the more specialised publications needed for undergraduate work. There is a separate law library and reading room. There are a number of computers in public areas including the library, providing internet access. The chapel is a place of worship with an open and inclusive ethos. It has some of the finest acoustics in Oxford and is a venue for concerts, lectures, plays and social events. We provide excellent music facilities including two grand pianos, an organ and a harpsichord, as well as ample practice space.

The college has access to shared sports facilities, including a boathouse and subsidised gym membership.

The JCR and student-run college bar are used for events throughout the year. The JCR has TV, video and games facilities, and is a large comfortable social space.

Student societies

From rowing to table football: all the major sports – and minor ones – are represented at St Peter’s, with many teams enjoying considerable success. Artistic activities flourish and distinguished speakers are regularly invited to give talks. Music is a particular strength, with a strong instrumental, choral and jazz tradition. The music society puts on concerts regularly, and the mixed chapel choir sings regularly in chapel services and also tours Europe. There are opportunities to write for college publications, and the drama society organises productions regularly and welcomes new actors, playwrights and stage hands.

Academic staff

Archaeology and Anthropology

Professor Amy Bogaard
Dr Tim Clack
Professor Elizabeth Ewart


Professor Nicholas Lakin*
Dr Sylvia McLain


Professor Michael Bonsall*
Dr Robert Grant-Downton 


Professor Mark Moloney*
Professor Susan Perkin

Earth Sciences

Professor Nicholas Tosca*


Dr Massimo Antonini*
Dr Adeel Malik*
Professor Ines Moreno de Barreda*


Professor Thomas Adcock*
Dr Athanasios Tsanas 


Dr Helen Appleton
Professor Marina MacKay*
Professor Abigail Williams*


Professor Daron Burrows*
Professor Tim Farrant


Dr Kenneth Addison*
Professor Danny Dorling*
Professor Marc Macias-Fauria 
Professor Deborah Phillips
Professor Dariusz Wójcik*


Dr Kevin Hilliard*
Dr Ray Ockenden 

Greek, Modern

Mr Kostas Skordyles


Professor Stephen Baxter*
Professor Steven Gunn
Dr Sebastian Page
Dr Anna Plassart

History of Art

Professor Hanneke Grootenboer*
Dr Matthew Walker 


Professor Elena Lombardi


Professor Dapo Akande*
Professor Graeme Dinwoodie*
Ms Natasha Simonsen
Mr Jonathan Turner


Dr Sandra Kotzor


Dr Robert Pitkethly*

Mathematics and Statistics

Dr Lino Amorim
Dr George Deligiannidis
Mr Eduaord Hatton
Dr Hanqing Jin*
Professor Lionel Mason*
Professor Geoff Nicholls*
Professor Balázs Szendrői*
Dr Waldemar Schlackow 

Medicine (Biomedical Sciences)

Professor Cyrus Cooper*
Dr Huw Dorkins*
Dr Stephen Hibbs
Dr Fernando Nodal
Professor Jan Schnupp*
Dr Susanne Sheehy
Dr Nick Talbot
Professor Peter Taylor*
Dr Benjamin Willmore


Dr Roger Allen*
Dr Andrew Gant
Dr Ben Winters
Mr Matthew Thomson 


Dr Sophie Allen
Professor Peter Kail*
Dr Timothy Mawson*


Dr Sarah Al-Assam
Dr Garrett Cotter
Professor Christopher Foot*
Dr Angela Taylor


Dr Hartmut Mayer*
Professor Ricardo Soares de Oliveira*


Professor Phillip Rothwell*
Professor Claire Williams*


Professor Julie Curtis


Professor Oliver Noble Wood


Mr Thomas Fedrick-Illsley
Professor Sondra Hausner*

Student welfare

Tutor for Welfare

Professor Mark Moloney


Dr Roger Allen*

Junior Dean

Ms Kate Mitchell 

Assistant Junior Dean

Mr Kyle Turner

Senior Welfare Officer

Mr Chris Jones

Junior Welfare Officer

Ms Roosmarijn de Geus 


Mr James Graham

College Medical Practice

The Jericho Health Centre

College Nurse

Mrs Jane Lambert

*Fellow of the college