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St Peters College
St Peter's College.

St Peter's College

St Peter’s is noted for its friendliness, flexibility, inclusivity, informality and excellent relations between students and tutors. We encourage students from all backgrounds to apply. A student finance officer is available to help students.

Students at St Peter’s College

Accommodation includes single study bedrooms on the main site and purpose-built ensuite residences (with small communal kitchens) a short walk away. A delicious range of food is available three times a day on a pay-as-you-go system. There is also a student-run bar. The library is open 24 hours a day and has a dedicated law library.

A wide range of sports is played at St Peter’s. The college has access to shared sports facilities, including a boathouse and subsidised gym membership.

Artistic activities and college publications flourish and distinguished speakers regularly give talks. Music is a particular strength, with a strong instrumental, mixed choral and jazz tradition.

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St Peter’s is...

...everyone being so supportive of each other. St Peter’s is truly a home away from home!
Oliver incredibly friendly atmosphere with someone to deal with any concern that you may have, no matter how little.

...a 10/10 closeknit and inclusive community, whether you are mid-essay or mid-pint.

...a college where you’ll be appreciated for being yourself.

...a well-grounded atmosphere and vibrant student body.

College facilities

To compare facilities across different colleges, please visit our College Facilities Table.

College accommodation

St Peter's CollegeStudents studying in the grounds of St Peter's College.

  • All first years on site: YES
  • Usually offered for three years: NO
  • Usually offered for first year and one other year: YES
  • Usually offered for all years: NO
  • Some vacation storage for international students: YES


  • Dining hall: YES
  • Bar: YES
  • Café: YES


  • Gym on site: YES
  • Boathouse: YES
  • Library open 24/7: YES
  • Computer rooms/stations: YES
  • Wi-Fi throughout college: YES
  • Music room: YES
  • Theatre/performance space: YES
  • Chapel: YES
  • Multi-faith prayer room: NO

Clubs and societies

  • Music society: YES
  • Orchestra/s: YES
  • Choir/s: YES
  • Dramatic society: YES
  • College student magazine/paper: YES
  • Some subject societies: YES
  • Other societies: YES
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