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St Hugh's College
St Hugh's College.
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St Hugh's College

St Hugh’s is one of the largest colleges in Oxford. The college was established to offer an Oxford education to women, and it retains a strong sense of its radical tradition and of the importance of opening Oxford up to all who would do well here. St Hugh’s now accepts men and women and welcomes students from every country and any kind of background.

St Hugh's CollegeSt Hugh's College has some of the largest college grounds in Oxford.
St Hugh’s has a beautiful setting just to the north of the city centre, with Edwardian buildings and some of the largest college grounds. The college is known as the ‘island site’ because of its tranquil gardens, and it is a restful place to live and work.

The college awards Scholarships or Exhibitions (grants) to undergraduates on the basis of their performance in University examinations, or for other excellent work. All members of college are entitled to apply for grants to help with vacation travel connected to their course of study, and there are also funds available for those who encounter unforeseen financial hardship.


St Hugh’s College is about 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre: within easy reach, on foot or by bicycle, of all University departments and libraries.

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation is available on the main college site for all undergraduates right through their course. Nearly half of rooms have their own bathroom. All rooms have free internet connection. Shared kitchens are available as an alternative to eating in the main hall. Meals in hall are paid for using a cashless card system.

Read more on the college website.


St Hugh’s has one of the largest and best-stocked of all college libraries, housed in a beautiful art deco building with 70,000 volumes and 24-hour access. There are dedicated computer rooms, an impressively equipped gym and a student-run bar; the college’s chapel is open to all college members, regardless of belief.

Student societies

There are academic societies in many subject areas, and the college has a very active musical and artistic life, including a chapel choir, and annual prizes for musical performance and creative writing. Sport within college is very popular: as well as having a new gym on site, the gardens are used for frisbee and croquet, and St Hugh’s has a share in a boathouse, squash courts and a sports ground. The college hosts a ball every two years in its beautiful gardens.

Academic staff

Archaeology and Anthropology

Professor Peter Mitchell*
Dr Biao Xiang*
Dr Patrick Alexander


Professor Anthony Watts*
Dr Louise Bird

Biological Sciences

Professor Dora Biro*

Biomedical Sciences

Professor Clive Wilson*
Professor Edward Mann*
Professor Kim Plunkett*
Dr John Stanley


Professor Luet Wong*
Professor Stuart Conway*
Dr Michael Laidlaw
Dr Mark Ford
Dr Malcolm Stewart


Professor Timothy Rood*
Dr Peta Fowler
Dr Panico Stylianou

Computer Science

Professor Phil Blunsom*
Dr Chris Heunen

Earth Sciences

Professor Matt Friedman*


Professor John Quah*
Dr Babak Somekh

Engineering Science

Professor Stephen Duncan*
Professor Christopher Stevens*
Professor Antoine Jérusalem


Professor Peter McDonald*
Dr Nicholas Perkins*
Professor Rhodri Lewis*
Dr Hugh Gazzard
Dr Rosie Lavan 

Experimental Psychology

Professor Kim Plunkett*
Dr Nadja Althaus*
Dr Kathrin Cohen Kadosh


Professor Matt Husband

Fine Art

Mrs Shelagh Vainker*


Dr Michael Holland*
Mr John Smith
Mrs Genevieve Adams


Dr Tom Kuhn
Dr Claudia Kaiser
Dr Kirstin Gwyer

History, Ancient

Dr Christina Kuhn*


History, Modern

Professor George Garnett*
Dr Senia Paseta*
Dr Jon Parkin*
Dr Sophie Nicholls
Dr Hugh Reid

Human Sciences

Professor Cristian Capelli*


Professor Giuseppe Stellardi*


Professor Joshua Getzler*
Professor Michael Macnair*
Professor Glen Loutzenhiser*
Ms Natalie Mrockova

Management Studies

Professor Thomas Powell*
Dr Gillian Brooks


Professor James Martin*
Professor Ruth Baker*
Dr Tom Sanders*
Professor Harald Oberhauser*
Dr James Schofield


Professor Clive Wilson*
Professor Edward Mann*
Professor John Morris
Dr Elizabeth Soilleux
Dr Damian Jenkins*
Dr Rebecca Palmer
Dr Daniel Holdsworth
Dr Gabriel De Luca
Mr Gareth Murphy
Dr Alpesh Kothari


Professor Elizabeth Leach*
Professor Jeremy Llewellyn
Dr Paul Harper-Scott


Professor Adrian Moore*
Dr Jordan Bell


Professor John Chalker*
Professor Roy (Don) Grainger*


Professor David Doyle*


Professor Robin Fiddian

Student welfare

Senior Tutor

Professor Roy Westbrook*

College Counsellor

Ms Elizabeth Treasure


The Revd Dr Shaun Henson

*Fellow of the college