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St Catherine's College
The grounds of St Catherine's College.
(Credit: John Cairns)

St Catherine's College

Catz is Oxford’s youngest undergraduate college and one of its largest and most diverse communities. We treasure the traditional values of Oxford college life, but pursue a distinctly modern agenda.

St Catherine's CollegeStudents relaxing in the meadows that surround St Catherine's College.

(Credit: John Cairns)

We offer a wide range of subjects, with a roughly even split between science and arts. Most of our fellows* have an international reputation, and 10 Nobel Prize winners have been members. Fellows have been involved in spin-out companies to exploit scientific discoveries made at the University.

St Catherine’s is also home to the Cameron Mackintosh Chair of Contemporary Theatre (recent holders include Patrick Stewart, Kevin Spacey, Meera Syal and Stephen Fry). All this makes for a stimulating intellectual environment, and the college is proud of its place at the forefront of innovation, research and contemporary culture.

Its modern architecture (designed by the award-winning architects Arne Jacobsen and Stephen Hodder) and restful open spaces (both Grade I listed) give the college a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, in which everyone is quickly made to feel at home. As a large college we are a cosmopolitan society, with students drawn from more than 50 countries.


St Catherine’s is situated at the end of Manor Road, off St Cross Road – an ideal location close to the city centre, the Science Area, University faculties and libraries (the English and Law Faculties and Economics and Politics Departments are next door), yet surrounded by meadows, parks and water. Many undergraduates appreciate the tranquillity of the extensive college grounds. This is a college at the heart of the University, barely 10 minutes’ walk from the centre, but with a distinctly rural feel.

Accommodation and meals

The vast majority of undergraduates live in college for three years and enjoy the advantage of living close to college facilities. All rooms have internet access and many offer ensuite facilities. We have specially adapted rooms for students with disabilities. Meals are provided in hall on a pay-as-you-eat basis. Those who prefer to cater for themselves can do so by using the small kitchens provided on each floor of the accommodation.

Read more on the college website.


St Catherine’s offers excellent facilities, including a large college library with over 60,000 volumes, well-equipped computer rooms and a spacious and comfortable Junior Common Room (JCR). Sport, music, art and drama enjoy a high profile in the college; on site there are squash courts, a gymnasium, a punt house, a music house for practice and performance and theatres for both indoor and outdoor productions.

Student societies

Clubs, societies and discussion groups are prominent in Catz undergraduate life: there are many different sports teams, a thriving law society and a flourishing music society.

*Normally academics, these are senior members of college who belong to its governing body.

Academic staff


Professor Penny Handford*
Dr Phillip Stansfeld
Ms Marta Brambilla

Biological Sciences

Professor Tommaso Pizzari*
Professor Angela Brueggemann†
Professor Adrian Smith*
Dr Létitia Jean

Biomedical Sciences

Dr Kerry Walker†
Professor John Morris
Dr Sarah Hoosdally
Dr Dominic Alonzi 


Professor Peter Battle*
Professor John Foord*
Professor Peter Edwards†
Dr James Thomson†
Dr Jonathan Thorne
Dr Ai Fletcher
Mr Simon Cassidy
Ms Helen Billingham
Mr Joshua Hill

Computer Science

Professor Gavin Lowe*
Mr Karel Hruda
Dr Devinderjit Sivia
Mr Joao Sousa Pinto


Professor David Huffman*
Mr Andrew Elliott
Dr George Bitsakakis

Engineering Science

Professor David Gillespie*
Professor Byron Byrne*
Professor Peter Ireland†
Professor Eleanor Stride†
Professor Philip Torr†
Dr Douglas Hamilton
Dr Devinderjit Sivia
Dr Matthew McGilvray
Dr Michael Tombs
Ms Flora Kennedy McConnell 


Professor David Womersley†
Dr Bart van Es*
Professor Kirsten Shepherd-Barr*
Dr Jeremy Dimmick
Dr Patrick Bullard
Ms Katherine Rundell
Dr Kevin Brazil
Dr Benjamin Morgan 

Fine Art

Professor Gervase Rosser*


Professor Richard Parish*
Dr Stephen Goddard


Dr Richard Bailey*
Dr Fiona McConnell
Dr Andrew Hacket Pain
Dr Robert Dunford
Dr Alex Money 


Professor Barry Murnane

Greek (Modern)

Dr Dimitris Papanikolaou


Dr Marc Mulholland*
Professor Pekka Hämäläinen†
Dr Alexander Lee

History of Art

Professor Gervase Rosser*

Human Sciences

Mrs Naomi Freud†
Dr Amanda Palmer
Dr Adam Ritchie
Dr Philip Kreager 


Professor Manuele Gragnolati
Dr Vilma De Gasperin 


Dr Justine Pila*
Dr Geneviève Helleringer†
Mr Paul Davies*
Professor Andrew Dickinson
Mr chintan Chandrachud


Mr J C Smith*


Dr Duncan Robertson†


Professor Richard Todd*
Professor Patrick Grant†
Dr Susannah Speller
Dr Paul Bagot
Dr Viacheslav Kuksenko 


Dr Robert Leese†
Professor Marc Lackenby*
Professor Christoph Reisinger*
Professpr Andreas Muench*
Professor Alain Goriely†
Mr Henry Bradford
Mr Zubin Siganporia
Mr Claudio Llosa Isenrich 


Mr Ashok Handa†
Professor Udo Oppermann†
Dr Heidi de Wet*
Professor Kia Nobre
Dr Karen Kearley
Dr Eve Fryer
Ms Mary Weisters
Dr Suzannah Williams
Mr Roger Gundle
Dr Lucy Hanington
Dr Saul Myerson
Dr Louise Upton
Dr Myrte Merkestein
Dr Amr Abdelgany
Dr Teresa Moloney 


Professor Laura Tunbridge*
Dr John Traill
Mr Alexi Ayliff Vellianitis

Oriental Studies

Mr J C Smith*


Dr Philipp Koralus*
Mr Andrew McCarthy


Professor Richard Berry*
Professor Andrew Bunker*
Professor Ian Shipsey+
Dr Devinderjit Sivia
Dr Jesse Petersen
Professor Riccardo Bartolini
Dr Oscar Dahlsten
Dr James Flewellen
Dr Andrew Princep 


Professor Louise Fawcett*
Mr Alexander Barker
Mr Blake Ewing


Dr Jan Fellerer


Professor Claire Williams


Professor Gaia Scerif*
Dr Carmen Pinon
Mr Richard O'Connor 


Professor Julie Curtis


Dr Benjamin Bollig*
Mr Richard Rabone
Ms Alejandra Crosta 

Student welfare


Dr Richard Bailey*

Junior Deans

Mr Malcolm Spencer
Ms Hege Larsen
Ms Kinga Petrovai
Mr Alexander Barbaro 

College Doctor

Dr Naomi Drury 
Dr Marykate Kirkaldy 

College Nurse

Mrs Ennis Frankum

*Tutorial Fellow of the college
†Other Fellow of the college