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Magdalen College
Magdalen College.
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Magdalen College

Magdalen (pronounced ‘Maudlen’) has some of the most beautiful buildings in Oxford, new as well as ancient. It is set in 100 acres of grounds which include the Deer Park and Addison’s riverside walk. Magdalen’s spaciousness has helped to determine its character – diversified, informal and without pressure to conform to any stereotype or set of views. Students are represented on the key committees which run the college. The atmosphere is relaxed, but with unambiguous ambitions towards academic and extra-curricular success.

Magdalen CollegeThe Magdalen College deer park.
Every year we aim to admit 118 undergraduates who demonstrate academic talent and commitment, entirely on merit and irrespective of social or ethnic background, in accordance with the University’s admissions policy. We welcome applications from students with disabilities. Magdalen is able to provide for students who run into financial problems. There are large numbers of travel and research grants every year, as well as annual tutorial prizes for the most promising and successful of our students.

Accommodation and meals

All undergraduates can live in college for the entire duration of their course, whether three years or four. Many college rooms have superb views, and all have access to bathroom facilities nearby. Every room has internet access, a telephone and a mini fridge. Meals are available at competitive prices in the dining hall or in the 14th-century Old Kitchen Bar which acts as an ideal social centre shared by everyone: students, tutors and college staff.

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There are 100,000 volumes spread among the college’s five libraries, with the main ones open 24 hours a day. There is a large DVD collection, with an emphasis on modern language classics of cinema. The musical and theatrical lives of the college are particularly strong and the college auditorium seats up to 160 people and has superb studio acoustics. We possess two music practice rooms and a dedicated modern languages room. Our computer facilities for students are excellent. We have our own professionally maintained grounds for football, rugby, cricket and hockey as well as nine tennis courts, our own squash courts and an all-weather pitch (all on site), as well as an extremely well-equipped boat club.

Student societies

Drama thrives. The Magdalen Players are renowned for their many high-class productions. Musical opportunities abound – as well as the famous Magdalen Choir and the Magdalen Orchestra, student bands and jazz groups are active. College societies cater for all interests, eg poetry, films and debating. Football, hockey, lacrosse, netball, swimming, rugby and cricket are very popular at all levels. Rowing – men’s and women’s – is traditionally strong.

Academic staff

Archaeology and Anthropology

Professor Clare Harris*


Professor Robert Gilbert*

Biological Sciences

Professor Andrew Smith*
Professor Kevin Foster*

Biomedical Sciences

see Medicine and Psychology


Professor Timothy Donohoe*
Professor Andrew Weller*
Dr Stuart Mackenzie*
Dr Robert Jacobs


Professor Felix Budelmann*
Dr Alfonso Moreno*

Computer Science



Dr Thomas Norman*
Dr Jennifer Castle*


Professor Zhong You* 
Professor Robin Cleveland*


Professor Laurie Maguire*
Professor Robert Douglas-Fairhurst*
Dr Kate Bennett

Medieval English

Professor Simon Horobin*


Professor Toby Garfitt*
Dr Reidar Due*
Mlle Marianne Hillion


Dr Alexandra Lloyd
Herr Marc Deckers

History, Ancient

Dr Alfonso Moreno*

History, Modern

Professor Laurence Brockliss*
Professor John Nightingale*
Professor Nick Stargardt*
Professor Sian Pooley*

Human Sciences

Professor Laura Fortunato*


Professor Nicola Gardini


Professor Roger Smith*
Professor Katharine Grevling*
Professor Roderick Bagshaw*
Professor Jeremias Prassl* 


Professor Rosalind Temple


Professor Jan Kristensen*
Professor Julien Berestycki* 


Professor Quentin Sattentau*
Professor Christopher Garland*
Professor Stephen Goodwin*
Dr George Harston
Dr Maheshi Ramasamy


Professor Laurence Dreyfus*
Professor Daniel Hyde*
Dr Henry Hope


Professor Lizzie Fricker*
Professor Paul Elbourne*
Dr Ralph Walker*


Professor John Gregg*
Professor Giles Barr*
Dr Arzhang Ardavan*


Professor Simon Caney*
Professor Jane Gingrich*


Professor Claudia Pazos Alonso


Professor Lucy Bowes


Professor Philip Bullock


Dr Juan-Carlos Conde

Student welfare

Dean of Divinity (Chaplain)

The Revd Dr Michael Piret*


Professor Christopher Garland*
Professor Giles Barr* 

Women's Advisor

Dr Christine Ferdinand*

*Fellow of the college