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Corpus Christi College
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Corpus Christi College

Boasting a strong sense of community and a friendly atmosphere, Corpus Christi is one of Oxford’s older and smaller colleges. It prides itself on the diversity of its students’ backgrounds, with a strong tradition of openness, tolerance and fairness. All this helps to make the college unusually well integrated and supportive.


Corpus Christi CollegeThe library at Corpus Christi College.
Corpus is 5 minutes’ walk from the city centre and Bodleian Library, and only 10 minutes from the arts faculties and science laboratories, but is tucked away from the noise of the city, looking out over Christ Church Meadow towards the river.

Accommodation and meals

The college offers all its students a room for the normal duration of their course. Usually, first-year students live in college. Students in other years can live on the main site or close by. The Liddell Building and recent Lampl Building, about 15 minutes away from the college, have shared flats with communal kitchens and dining areas. Some rooms have their own ensuite shower and WC. There is also accommodation for students with mobility difficulties.

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The magnificent 16th-century Old Library and its trilingual collection of books was described by the humanist Erasmus as a wonder of the world, and is still used by students today. With more than 60,000 books, 24-hour opening, computerised catalogues, numerous PC workstations and the provision of colour printing, scanning and photocopying, it is a convenient as well as a beautiful place to work.

Wired and wireless internet access is available throughout the college’s main site, including the library and all student bedrooms, and all annexe locations (including the Liddell and Lampl Buildings). The well-equipped computer suite has eight PCs and a large multi-functional device for colour printing, scanning and photocopying.

The college has a multi-purpose auditorium suitable for concerts, drama productions, parties and lectures. We have an ecumenically progressive chapel whose lively choir has travelled the world. Students have access to a sports field and boathouse, as well as the beer cellar, TV rooms and Junior Common Room (JCR).
Due to the age of the buildings, some areas within the college pose access challenges for students with mobility difficulties.

Student societies

Among the most active of our many clubs are the dramatic society – the Owlets – and the choir. There are plenty of sporting opportunities too, always undertaken enthusiastically. The college has an impressive social calendar with an inexpensive ball every other spring and a fair each June, which features our famous tortoise race. The effective JCR, represented on most committees, is active at open days, in access activities, and – of course – in the beer cellar.

Academic staff


Dr Mark Wormald*
Dr Max Crispin
Professor Mark Sansom*
Dr Lisa Heather


Professor Peter Hore*
Dr Mark Wormald*
Dr Rachel Quarrell
Dr Matthew Blake* 


Professor Stephen Harrison*
Professor Constanze Guthenke*
Professor John Ma*
Professor Tobias Reinhardt*
Dr Jas’ Elsner*
Dr Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis
Mr Dan Jolowicz 


Dr Andrew Mell
Mr Federico Torracchi 


Dr Helen Moore*
Professor Valentine Cunningham*
Dr Sowon Park


Professor John Watts*
Professor Jay Sexton*
Professor John Ma*
The Revd Dr Judith Maltby*
Dr Neil McLynn*
Dr Mark Whittow*
Dr Anna Clark
Dr Ben Mountford*
Dr Stephen Tuffnell* 


Professor Lucia Zedner*
Professor Elizabeth Fisher*
Ms Jodi Gardner 


Professor Peter Nellist*
Dr Keyna O’Reilly
Dr Jason Smith


Professor Colin McDiarmad*
Dr Paul Dellar*
Dr Florence Tsou
Dr Louis Aslett*
Mr Levon Haykazyan 


Professor Colin Akerman*
Professor Pawel Swietach*
Professor Richard Cornall*
Professor Alastair Buchan*
Dr Trevor Sharp
Dr Pamela Lear
Dr Rosemary Adams
Dr Jaideep Pandit
Dr Autumn Rowan Hull
Dr Alison Simmons*


Professor Ursula Coope*
Dr Anna Marmodoro*
Professor Martin Davies*
Professor Josh Parsons*
Prof Jeff McMahan*
Dr Thomas Ainsworth 


Professor Hans Kraus*
Professor Michael Johnston*
Dr Hannah Christensen*
Dr Peter Watson* 


Professor Giovanni Capoccia*
Dr Nigel Bowles*
Dr Emanuel Coman
Dr Scot Peterson


Professor Robin Murphy*

Student welfare

Dean of Welfare

The Revd Dr Judith Maltby*

Senior Tutor

Dr Mark Wormald*

Tutor for Graduates

Professor Lucia Zedner*


The Revd Dr Judith Maltby*


Professor Robin Murphy*

Tutor for Women

Dr Helen Moore*

Tutor for Men

Professor Colin Akerman*

Assistant Deans appointed on an annual basis

*Fellow of the college

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