Guidance for international students

Oxford is one of the most international universities in the world. Today, one third of its students, including 21% of undergraduates, are international citizens, and come from over 150 countries. Oxford welcomes applications from international students. 

All applicants apply via UCAS by 15 October, and follow the same process as UK applicants. Whilst the application process itself is the same, we recognise that there are a number of additional elements international students will need to consider when applying to Oxford, including English language requirements and visa and immigration information. Interview arrangements and test arrangements can also be slightly different for international candidates.

Most Popular Questions 

Can I still apply if I do not know my final grades?

Yes. In fact, most candidates apply before they have completed their final examinations or tests. When applying on the basis of exams or tests that you have yet to take, it is essential that your teacher provides predicted grades for you in the academic reference. See further advice.

Do I need to provide proof of my qualifications when applying?

No, unless you have already completed another undergraduate degree. Otherwise you should self-report all details of your qualifications on the UCAS form under ‘Education’. You will only need to produce certificates or transcripts if you are offered a place here. See further advice.

Do I need to take GCSEs or A-levels?

You do not need GCSEs or IGCSEs in order to apply to Oxford. See further advice.

The entrance requirements for Oxford are based on A-levels or equivalent qualifications, which are a stage higher than GCSEs.  All applicants must be taking either A-levels or an accepted equivalent.

Do I need to travel to Oxford to sit an admissions test?

No, if your course requires you to sit an admissions test you can sit it closer to home. You can either register at one of the many open test centres around the world, or for most tests, ask your school to register to become a centre where you can sit the test. Please see our individual test pages for more information on how to register. 

Please make sure you give this your earliest attention, as your nearest open centre may be some distance away, and the deadline for your school to register as a centre is at the end of September.