A student performs an experiment in a Chemistry lab
A student performs an experiment in a Chemistry lab

Global careers and networks for life

Studying at Oxford opens up a lifetime of opportunity, both personal and professional, and you will have a choice of interesting careers or further study options when you finish. 

Whilst studying, you will have lots of opportunities to build your skills, get work experience or develop entrepreneurial ideas. Our Careers Service can offer you tailored support with your career goals, from applying for internships while at university to applying for graduate jobs. Support with your career does not end when you graduate though: you can use the Careers Service for the rest of your life! 

If you would like to stay on in the UK to start work after your studies, for example through the Graduate Route visa scheme, the University's Student Immigration team can provide guidance to you.

Students graduating

Oxford’s students are international which means so are its alumni! Our alumni number over 350,000 and as an Oxford graduate you will become a member of this global network for life.

Oxford’s graduates can be found in prominent positions across politics, activism, business, academia and the creative arts and many other fields. Over the years, these have included:

  • Malala Yousafzai, Activist and Nobel Peace Prize Winner

  • Dr Susan Rice, former National Security Advisor, Head of the Domestic Policy Council (Biden Administration)

  • Qian Zhongshu (Ch'ien Chung-shu), Academic and Writer

  • Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of World Wide Web

  • Emily Wilding Davison, Female Equality Campaigner

  • Emperor Naruhito of Japan

  • Gemma Chan, Actor

  • Zeinab Badawi, Journalist

  • Indira Gandhi, India’s first woman Prime Minister

  • Kevin Rudd, Australian Prime Minister 2007–2010; 2013

  • John Kufuor, Ghanaian President 2001–09

You can see further listings of inspiring Oxford alumni on our website and read stories from our global alumni as they discuss the impact Oxford had on them, their future plans and careers. 

Oxford has over 150 alumni groups in over 90 countries that meet across the world. The groups are a fantastic resource as they can help you network with likeminded people and find new opportunities.

The Oxford Alumni website keeps a map of the alumni groups around the world to help you find alumni groups you would like to join after graduating. These include special interest groups, such as the Oxford Business Alumni Network and the Oxford Climate Alumni Network, which means you can join groups based on your interests, as well as groups associated with your region of the world.

You will also be able to stay connected to Oxford through your college’s alumni office, the University alumni office and via QUAD, our digital alumni magazine that gives you access to news, features, opinion pieces and on-the-ground information about the city of Oxford and the University.

Student using equipment in a lab