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Moritz-Heyman Scholarship Programme

Since the programme commenced in 2012, over 600 new UK students whose household income is assessed as £16,000 or less by the Student Loans Company (SLC) have been awarded a Moritz-Heyman Scholarship.

The Scholarship

The scholarship, which was launched in 2012 following a generous donation from Sir Michael Moritz and Ms Harriet Heyman, combines additional financial support with tailored on-course assistance provided by the Moritz-Heyman Scholarship Office, Oxford Hub, and the Careers Service.

As a Moritz-Heyman Scholar, you will have the opportunity to access tailored internship support from the Oxford Careers Service; attend a range of exclusive events, including a reception hosted by the Vice-Chancellor; and will typically be expected to complete 25 hours either of ‘outreach’ work, to encourage school and college leavers to apply to university, or of community volunteering each year.

Please see the FAQs below for more information on all aspects of the Scholarship programme, or email the Scholarship Office with any other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How was I selected for the Moritz-Heyman Scholarship?

All of the following are taken into account when selecting students:

  • household income: only UK-resident students from households with incomes of £16,000 or less are eligible (as assessed by their funding agency)
  • rate of participation in higher education in the postcode where the student lives
  • socio-economic indicators in the postcode where the student lives
  • their school’s average attainment at GCSE and A-Level
  • their school's history of sending students to Oxford
  • care leaver status.

All subjects are eligible, but greater weighting is given in the selection process to students studying subjects in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Scholars are selected in stages, depending on when information is received from the Student Loans Company regarding their household income assessment. This means that not all scholars are selected before the start of Michaelmas term. The first letters inviting new students to become Moritz-Heyman Scholars are sent out in early September. Letters to those students who are selected at a later date are sent out in mid-October and mid-November.

Continuing scholars' eligibility will be reviewed each year and letters are sent out from September onwards re-confirming their entitlement for the next academic year.

What financial support do I receive as a Moritz-Heyman Scholar?

As a Moritz-Heyman Scholar, you will pay a maximum annual tuition fee of £6,000, dependent on your year of entry. The tuition fee loan will be processed in exactly the same way by the Student Loans Company (SLC), but for the reduced amount. If your course comprises a year abroad, we will contact you directly regarding arrangements for your tuition fee for that year.

Payment of the bursary is made by the SLC on behalf of the University. You must therefore ensure the SLC always have your correct bank details. These are the account details which you have submitted in order to receive your maintenance support. You will only receive payment of your bursary on the dates shown below if you have registered with the University by the end of the first week of Michaelmas term. In 2016-17, the bursary will typically be paid in three or four  instalments, as follows:

Mid October

early instalment of £1,000 (2012, 2013 and 2014 year of entry only)

Early November (Michaelmas term Week 4)first instalment
Late January (Hilary term Week 2)second instalment
Early May (Trinity term Week 2)third instalment

What does this mean for my government funding?

We estimate that the bursary element of your Scholarship, combined with the government maintenance support administered by the SLC, should be enough to cover most or all of your term-time living costs this year. If, therefore, you decide that you wish to reduce your maintenance loan, you will need to log into your online student finance account and make any adjustment to the maintenance loan amount requested as soon as possible. If you require any help with this, please contact Student Fees and Funding.

What happens if my household income rises?

We don’t want to cause Moritz-Heyman Scholars any unnecessary uncertainty about their funding entitlement. For this reason, minor fluctuations in household income will not affect your entitlement. However, if your household income were to rise above £25,000 you would revert to the standard financial package according to your new household income. You would remain a Moritz-Heyman Scholar and retain access to the internship and volunteering support and to any other events for scholars.

What support will I get in identifying suitable volunteering opportunities?

Our involvement with your volunteering or outreach work will be flexible to suit your interests and availability, and you may already have ideas about suitable options. There are often a number of outreach opportunities available within the University and colleges, and Oxford Hub are available to provide a wide range of help and advice on potential community volunteering projects.

What happens if I struggle to meet the volunteering targets?

The most important thing while you are at Oxford is your studies and we want you to enjoy the full range of other social and leisure activities on offer too. We also appreciate that sometimes ill-health or family commitments may impinge on the time you have to donate to volunteering or outreach work. If you are struggling either to find a suitable volunteering opportunity or to reach the target hours for any reason, it’s important that you let the Moritz-Heyman Scholarship Office know as soon as possible.

What support will I get in identifying and applying for suitable internships?

The Internship Office facilitates the Moritz-Heyman Internship Programme, which includes:

  • A regular bulletin highlighting internships and career opportunities and events available to Scholars
  • A dedicated point of contact to support scholars with queries about internships and all other aspects of the Moritz-Heyman Internship Programme
  • Exclusive internships for Moritz-Heyman Scholars
  • Exclusive Careers events for Moritz-Heyman Scholars
  • Access to a database of employers interested in working with Moritz-Heyman Scholars

Further information is available on our Moritz-Heyman Internship Programme page or by emailing Sara Bram, the Internship Office Assistant, at   

What happens if I don’t want to do an internship?

Scholars are under no obligation to undertake or apply for internships. However, most students find internships a helpful way to gain an insight into a particular sector, to gain skills or to get experience of the working world in general. There are a number of ways you can organise an internship - find out more on our Moritz-Heyman Internship Programme page. Any form of work experience during the long vacation can be an extremely valuable way of gaining skills and experience.   

Are there any funds available to support internships?

There are several sources of funding available to support internships you undertake whilst at Oxford. As a Moritz-Heyman Scholar you may apply for a Moritz-Heyman Internship Bursary to support a work placement, varying from £200 - £2,500. Further information on the Moritz-Heyman Internship Bursaries is available on our Moritz-Heyman Internship Programme page under 'Funding'. Many colleges and departments also have travel bursaries you can apply for and some of the placements available through the Internship Office's own Internships Programme have funding attached to them.  

Will I still be able to undertake paid work in the vacations?

There are no rules relating to the Scholarship which prohibit paid work outside of term-time, although any work would need to be balanced with your study commitments. You will find that many UK internships are paid, but if you identify a relevant unpaid internship we will review whether additional funds are needed to allow you to take up the opportunity.

Who will know that I’m a Moritz-Heyman Scholar?

We appreciate that your household income is sensitive information, and will ensure your status as a Moritz-Heyman Scholar is only shared with collegiate University staff who need to know. Further information can be found on the University's Personal Data webpage.

Beyond this, it’s entirely up to you – your fellow students won’t know unless you tell them.

I still have questions – who do I speak to?

Please email the Moritz-Heyman Scholarship Office, who will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. You can also call on 01865 616669.

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