Crankstart - Prospective students

The Crankstart Scholarship provides a programme of enhanced support to UK residents from lower-income households who are studying for their first undergraduate degree. Eligible students commencing their studies in 2024 with a household income of £32,500 per year or less will receive generous bursary support, access to funded internships, volunteering opportunities and social and community building events. This is possible thanks to a generous donation by Sir Michael Moritz and Ms Harriet Heyman.

Am I eligible and how do I apply?

You do not need to apply. From mid-September, all students who have been resident in the UK for a period of at least three years (not for the purposes of education), commencing their first undergraduate degree and with a household income of £32,500 or less will be offered a Crankstart Scholarship. The household income assessment used will be that carried out by your regional funding agency.

Scholarships are awarded to first year students on a rolling basis, according to the timing of their household income assessment, up to 30 May.

What are the benefits of the Scholarship?

As a Crankstart Scholar commencing study in 2024 you will benefit from a bursary towards your living costs for each year of your course. 

If your household income is assessed as being £7,500 or less, you will receive an annual bursary of £5,970. If your household income is between £7,500 and £32,500 you will receive an annual bursary of £5,150.

(New and returning scholars on course in 2023/24 should visit the Current Scholars page for details of the bursary support available in the 2023/24 academic year).

I was considering not going to university at all, due to financial worries. However, knowing about the financial support available through the scholarship reassured me that it was a feasible option. I never expected to find friends, a community and formal and informal support through the scholarship.

Scholar studying Geography, St Anne's College

You will also have access to:

  • Exclusive internships and support in identifying internship opportunities
  • An internship bursary of up to £3,200
  • A community of Scholars that holds a variety of events throughout the year
  • Additional financial support for care experienced and estranged students 

Extra financial assistance

Crankstart Scholars are also be eligible to access additional funding including:

  • an Oxford Travel Supplement if you live more than 80 miles from Oxford, to help cover costs of travel between your stated home address and Oxford
  • the opportunity to apply for financial assistance from Oxford’s Student Support Bursary if you have a funding shortfall once on course

Further details about these additional areas of support are available on the Oxford bursaries and scholarships page.

Careers support

As a Crankstart Scholar, you will have access to careers mentors and have exclusive internship opportunities offered by the Careers Service.  You will be supported throughout your course in developing your career ambitions and preparing for the world of work or further study after your undergraduate degree at Oxford. As a Crankstart Scholar, you can apply for a bursary of up to £3,200 to support internships you choose to undertake during your course. Although completing an internship is not a compulsory part of the scholarship, it is a great opportunity to develop your employability skills and gain valuable workplace experience during your studies.


Each year all Crankstart Scholars are encouraged to complete 25 hours of volunteering work, for example by taking part in activities to encourage students to apply to Oxford, or by supporting the local community. You can get involved with outreach events through the University and colleges, and Oxford Hub can also provide advice on community volunteering projects both in Oxford and in your local area.

Crankstart Community

The Crankstart Scholarship has supported over 2,500 scholars since its inception and you will be joining a growing community of students across all subjects and colleges. This provides opportunities for you to meet others and mingle at informal and formal events, including the Welcome Reception and Scholars Ball.

Care experienced and estranged undergraduates studying without family support

If you have ever been in care, or are estranged from your family, you will be eligible to apply for an additional non-repayable annual bursary of up to £3,500 to help towards financial shortfalls identified in your application and relating to your circumstances. You can apply for this support for each year of your course.

What if I do not wish to be a Crankstart Scholar?

If you choose not to accept your Crankstart Scholarship offer you will be assessed for an Oxford Bursary instead.

How do I learn more?

If you require further information on the Crankstart Scholarship Programme you can contact the Crankstart Scholarship Administrator at [email protected].