Oxford is world-famous for research excellence and home to some of the most talented people from across the globe. Our work helps the lives of millions, solving real-world problems through a huge network of partnerships and collaborations. The breadth and interdisciplinary nature of our research sparks imaginative and inventive insights and solutions.

Bartlemas dig

Digging into Oxford’s past

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How volunteer archaeologists dug into Oxford’s deeper past.
Tactile exhibit in the Ashmolean

Please Touch the Art

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The Oxford gadget that could revolutionise museum visits for people who are blind or partially sighted.
Buildings emitting greenhouse gasses

Tackling climate change by researching routes to greenhouse gas removal

Researchers from the University of Oxford are looking at ways to reduce greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.
Vaccination in arm

From the lab to the bedside: Translating healthcare research into clinical patient benefit

The Oxford Biomedical Research Centre is helping to turn healthcare research into practical solutions to benefit patients.
PV Solar Panels

Revolutionising solar power technology: Oxford PV

Helping to make solar power more efficient and more affordable.
SOPHIA Team University of Oxford

SOPHIA: Helping private companies reduce poverty

Researches from the University of Oxford are developing ways to help businesses tackle poverty across the world.
reconstruction of Palmyra’s Arch

Whose Heritage, Whose Reconstruction?

Impact case study

Dr Judith McKenzie’s convictions about the ‘intangible heritage’ vested in historic sites by those who live among them are shared by other Oxford academics.
Powis Castle

The National Trust Partnership: Connecting cutting-edge Oxford University research with the National Trust’s places and collections

A look into the collaborative partnership between the National Trust and Oxford University research.
bluetooth logo

Identifying and fixing critical design flaws in Bluetooth

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Oxford University research uncovered critical flaws in the Bluetooth standard implemented in billions of devices worldwide.
EAMENA aerial shot

Archaeology from Above

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The vast scope of EAMENA – Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa – belies its origins in a smaller venture to document the ancient heritage of Jordan from above.
Side view of Palmyra’s Monumental Arch

Lighthouse in a Storm

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One timely innovation by Oxford University is offering a second life for historic monuments and other heritage sites destroyed in current conflicts in the Middle East and beyond.
Aleppo, Umayyad (Great) Mosque courtyard

Why Oxford archaeologists dream of seeing the Palmyra Arch rebuilt by Syrians.

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As Islamist militants are driven finally out of their captured strongholds, Oxford archaeologists have urged that the restoration of damaged historic sites be made a priority.
Dieter Schwarz Foundation and Oxford announce major research collaboration on artificial intelligence, government and policy

Oxford to receive £7 million to turn bright ideas into global opportunities

The award follows Oxford’s recent top ranking in the UK for generating spin-out companies and its success in the Research Exc

Emily Jones

Preparing the UK for a new era of trade

As the United Kingdom enters a new era of trade after leaving the European Union, the government is now tasked with developing a strategic trade policy that balances multiple stakeholder priorities.
The North Front, Waddesdon Manor.

The Jewish Country Houses Project

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Researchers in the Faculty of History are working to establish the ‘Jewish country house’ as a focus for research and an important site of British and European culture and memory.
Painting of Frederick Delius in the garden of his home at Grez sur Loing, France

Digital Delius

Impact case study

Researchers from the Faculty of Music have catalogued the work of British composer, Frederick Delius, and engaged with audiences to increase knowledge and understanding of his music and the process of composition.
Aeroplane © 135pixels/Shutterstock.com

Tackling climate change by researching routes to greenhouse gas removal

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Since 2003, researchers at the University of Oxford have been conducting research on approaches to greenhouse gas removal from the atmosphere.
Hornsea One - Offshore WInd Farm. Photo Credit: Ørsted

Improving technology to support offshore wind production

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An Oxford research team has improved engineering design for the ‘monopile’ foundations that support offshore wind turbines – reducing costs to enable the economic scale up of wind energy.
Image of gPen app being used to enter a Chinese character

Rough Paths: gaining insights and building solutions

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Researchers in the Department of Mathematical Science are using the mathematics of ‘rough paths’ and signatures to enhance the analysis of complex streams of data – helping to identify practical solutions to real-world challenges.
Artistic impression of a plasma membrane of a human cell

OMass Therapeutics: New technology for drug discovery and development

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Oxford University spin-out, OMass Therapeutics, is using new technologies to develop treatments for rare immunological and genetic diseases.


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