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Howard Ryland standing besides Big Ben

Life as a Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) fellow

My work with patients often involves the Mental Heath Act and my academic work is inspired by the need to develop more collaborative approaches with patients.

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From Research to Policy: a masterclass in engaging the UK Parliament with scientific evidence

On Monday 20 June, Oxford Population Health collaborated with the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology to deliver a special event to inspire greater interaction between researchers and policy makers.
houses in the Arctic circle

Arctic voices

Impact case study

Grants from the Knowledge Exchange Seed Fund and the Public Engagement in Research Seed Fund enabled researchers from the School of Geography and the Environment to develop a podcast featuring indigenous Arctic peoples, fostering vital knowledge exchange about this fragile area.
New research shows how cultural transmission shapes the evolution of music

New research shows how cultural transmission shapes the evolution of music

The research team made up of scientists from the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, used singing experiments to perform the largest ever cultural transmission study on the evolution of music.

small shark with extended snout swimming past rocks

Enhancing marine conservation and fisheries policy in Indonesia

Our oceans are a vital source of food and income. How do we protect the marine eco-system, and the livelihoods of the people who depend on them?
Mongolian horses and tents at dawn

Mitigating the impact of mining in Mongolia

Impact case study

A project coordinated by the School of Geography and the Environment, and involving multiple stakeholders in Mongolia, is helping to mitigate the impact of mining on the nomadic pastoralists of Mongolia.
Coronavirus Vaccines Research and Development Roadmap launched

Coronavirus Vaccines Research and Development Roadmap launched

There are two key concerns about coronaviruses that demand better vaccines today. New COVID-19 variants continue to emerge, evade immune protection, and fuel the current pandemic, and the threat of other new and dangerous coronaviruses jumping from animals to humans in the future.

NHS COVID-19 app saved estimated 10,000 lives in its first year, research finds

NHS COVID-19 app saved estimated 10,000 lives in its first year, research finds

The new research, published today [22 February 2023] in Nature Communications, is the most comprehensive evaluation of the NHS COVID-19 contact tracing app to date.

Professor John Tasioulas, Director of the Institute for Ethics of AI at Oxford University

Oxford philosopher launches project to explore the ethics of AI

This comes with a grant which will allow Professor Tasioulas to jointly pursue a research project with Professor Hélène Landemore, Professor of Political Science at Yale University.

Abigail Williams

Professor Abigail Williams hosts docuseries on BBC Radio 4: I Feel Therefore I Am

Where once facts, evidence and rationality were the path to knowledge, now the logic of feeling, of ‘my truth’ and ‘lived experience’ offers an alternative. Do we know our world through objective facts, or through subjective feelings?

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Supporting the teaching, learning and assessment of practical science

Impact case study

Researchers from the Department of Education have worked with teachers, pupils and exam boards to develop new approaches to teaching practical science in secondary schools.
a pregnant woman holding her tummy

A life-saving test for preeclampsia

Impact case study

Researchers at the Nuffield Department of Women’s & Reproductive Health have developed a life-saving diagnostic test for pre-eclampsia which is now being adopted across the UK and internationally.
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Towards better governance of emerging technologies

Impact case study

Researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) are helping to strengthen the governance of emerging technologies through research, public engagement, and the development of new tools and approaches.
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Lessons Learned: Mission in Revision

Researchers in the Humanities Division have contributed to a wider consultation on reform of the Church of England’s ‘Mission and Pastoral Measure’ – which will help ensure church buildings no longer needed for public worship can be better protected and used.
group of people in front of large statue surrounded by smoke

Lessons Learned: Breaking Silos in Atrocity Prevention Research and Policymaking

Researchers at the Blavatnik school of government have established a network to bring together academics and policy makers from both sides of the Atlantic to ensure atrocity prevention policy is better informed by evidence and analysis.
man working o ipad with words fake news on screen

Lessons Learned: Working with policy partners to analyse disinformation in the Russian media

Researchers have analysed multi-modal information sources to understand, and help counter, Russian disinformation in the post-COVID world.
one large elephant and two juveniles in grasslands

Lessons Learned: Tackling wildlife poaching through evidence-informed policy in Zimbabwe

An Oxford Policy Engagement Network Research Fellowship has helped improve the use of ranger-collected data to inform strategies to tackle wildlife poaching in Zimbabwe.
man wearing mask tests another man's temperature using a thermometer

Lessons Learned: Supporting policy interventions on COVID-19

Researchers at the Blavatnik School of Government have captured and shared policy responses to the COVID pandemic.
small bird on barbed wire fence with red sky behind

Lessons Learned: Engaging with policymakers to challenge penal policy

Penal policy is often driven by public opinion rather than evidence. How do we ensure effective policy, particularly around sensitive issues such as the death penalty?
Lynx walking through green heather

Lessons Learned: Improving understanding of public attitudes to lynx reintroduction in Scotland

Opinions about the possible reintroduction of the Eurasian lynx to Scotland are extremely polarised. Some people argue that reintroducing this large wild cat, which disappeared from Scotland hundreds of years ago, could help support biodiversity and promote ecosystem recovery.


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