Image of a woman's profile and some graphics suggesting innovation
Image of a woman's profile and some graphics suggesting innovation

New Academic Champion for Women and Diversity in Entrepreneurship

Professor Dame Molly Stevens, John Black Professor of Bionanoscience and Deputy Director of the Kavli Institute, has been appointed as the new Academic Champion for Women and Diversity in Entrepreneurship.

To support diversity in innovation and entrepreneurship, and to enhance the University’s commitment to these goals, Professor Stevens will work with the IDEA (Increasing Diversity in Enterprising Activities) programme and EnSpire Oxford, the University’s entrepreneurship hub.  

Professor Molly StevensProfessor Molly Stevens
Professor Stevens' focus will be on inspiring and nurturing underrepresented people within the University who have an interest in entrepreneurship; advocating at a senior level and collaborating with researchers, Professional Services, Divisions, Departments, and the Equality and Diversity Unit to further this goal.

Additionally, she will provide academic leadership in the development of a Women and Diversity in Entrepreneurship Strategy, aligning with the entrepreneurship objectives outlined in the University's Strategic Plan and Knowledge Exchange Strategy. 

Professor Chas  Bountra, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Innovation, said: ‘I am delighted to announce Professor Stevens’ appointment as the new Academic Champion for Women and Diversity in Entrepreneurship. Molly brings a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, including business governance, research commercialisation and patent application; and as a female founder herself is an active advocate for women and diversity in academia.’ 

I am very grateful to have met and learnt from many amazing innovators, and to have had the opportunity to throw myself into diversity in entrepreneurship and contribute towards this exciting journey for Oxford.

Professor Kylie Vincent

The University gives thanks to Professor Kylie Vincent for her time and dedication during a successful three-year term as the inaugural Academic Champion.

Professor Kylie Vincent said: ‘The Academic Champion role has been incredibly valuable and has given me the pleasure of seeing the growing excitement about innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly amongst the University’s early career researchers.'

IDEA aims to address challenges and disparities encountered by groups that are significantly underrepresented in enterprise and industry globally. With a specific emphasis on empowering, motivating and upskilling more diverse leaders, founders and innovators, IDEA offers various entrepreneurial initiatives. These include a Peer Mentoring programme and the forthcoming ‘Entrepreneurship for All: Data, Delivery, and Diversity’ conference.