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About us

The aim of OxRSS is to address issues of interest to Research Staff at the University of Oxford. This includes:

  1. Represent research staff from all Faculties, Schools and Departments from the University of Oxford at institutional and divisional levels.
  2. Facilitate social and intellectual networking, and communication between research staff throughout the University


Membership includes all research staff, regardless of how long they have been associated with the University of Oxford.

Research staff may be defined as anyone who is 'research active'. These include but are not limited to: postdoctoral researchers; early / mid / late career researchers; lecturers; technicians; research assistants; lab managers; those employed on teaching contracts with colleges who are research active; research active members of the Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM); research active members of the Department of Continuing Education.

Objectives of OxRSS

  1. To increase awareness of OxRSS among staff members. It was 46% in the 2016 staff survey, and increased to 56% in the 2018 survey.
  2. To increase OxRSS representation on University and Divisional committees, and maintain links with divisional and departmental research staff groups and societies.
  3. To advocate for mandatory training for all members of staff on interview panels e.g. the online ‘Implicit bias’ course.
  4. To advocate for a policy that states that all research staff are entitled to a  minimum of 10 days per year  for the purpose of attending conferences, training and development events or for ‘on-the-job training’.
  5. To increase research staff awareness of their eligibility to have a Personal Development Review meeting and are empowered and informed to make the most out of the process eg request opportunities for mentoring, teaching, training, conferences and college affiliations.
  6. To encourage departments to provide suitable support for managers to engage in the Personal Development Review process meaningfully and in a timely way.
  7. To lobby for systematic management training for Principal Investigators and managers of researchers, and that such training is offered to staff who unofficially supervise other staff and students.
  8. To lobby for more transparent information provided on career development and criteria for promotions on divisional and institutional-level committees.
  9. To work with divisions and departments to ensure more support and training is available to research staff who would like to apply for research grants.
  10. OxRSS Voice representatives to engage in and ensure links between Athena SWAN and Race Equality Charter work at University, divisional, and departmental level.
  11. To lobby for the expansion and building of affordable housing for staff and their families, with diverse needs, by the University.
  12. To lobby for a substantial increase in the budget for counselling services available to staff, which is currently only catering to 40 members of staff per year out of a population of 14,000 staff.


  1. To support the creation of a staff induction event that is well-integrated between both the university and divisions.
  2. To support an event or events on the topic of ‘The impact of Brexit on Research’ in collaboration with senior members of the University.
  3. To lobby for an Academic Champion for Research Staff who will lead on policy and development work across the collegiate University.

Please see the Committee page to find out more about who we are.

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