Magdalen College deer park
Magdalen College deer park.
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OxRSS Committee

The OxRSS Committee is a diverse group from across all areas of the University. We're always happy to hear from people who would like to get involved - so please contact the Committee if you'd like to talk about how you could contribute to running OxRSS.


OxRSS Committee

OxRSS committee  OxRSS committee


Name and Contact

Claudio Cortes Rodriguez, DPAG


Jennifer Allen, Nuffield Department of Medicine


Keri Grieman, Computer Science


Ann Giletti, OxRSS Administrative Officer

Communications Officer

Liam Guilfoyle, Education

Events Managers

Phil Sanders, Biology

Manish Kushwah, Chemistry

Grassroots Manager(Vacant)

Research Staff Consultation Group (RSCG) 

Two OxRSS Committee members sit on the RSCG. The RSCG provides a forum for consultation of Research Staff on matters relating to University strategy, policy, and provision. The committee consults on papers working through both the Research Staff Steering Committee (RSSC) and Research Staff Working Group (RSWG), and can also submit papers to either committee. The group is formed of Research Staff Representatives from each of the academic Divisions and Colleges, as well as two members of the OxRSS Committee. Information about the research staff committees can be found here.

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