Magdalen College deer park
Magdalen College deer park.
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The OxRSS Committee is a diverse group from across all areas of the University. We're always happy to hear from people who would like to get involved - so please contact the Committee if you'd like to talk about how you could contribute to running OxRSS.


OxRSS Committee

OxRSS committee  OxRSS committee


Name and contact College affiliation
Co-chair - RepresentationGwilym Rowlands, Zoology 
Co-chair - Events Caroline Korell, Education 
Researcher Developer
(Vacant)Wolfson College
SecretaryAnn Giletti, OxRSS Administrative Officer  
Events OfficerMichael Morrison, Law 
Publicity Officer (Twitter, Newsletter)Fabian Schranz, Engineering Science 
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