Admissions tests
We are very aware of the difficulty some of our applicants experienced through technical problems with their online tests this year. Candidates and test centres should have received our apology directly but if you haven't yet seen this, please do read it. We would like to thank all those who took the time to submit a request for special consideration where this was required, or who sent more general feedback on our admissions tests. 

Statements from departments following issues with the MATGATCAT and ELAT can be found on the individual test pages. For subjects using test scores this year, the forms requesting special consideration have been processed by Oxford and the information taken into account during shortlisting for interview. As usual, any information on extenuating circumstances is looked at alongside all other applicant information. Admissions tests are only one part of our undergraduate admissions process and we use a range of information, including individual circumstances, to help us assess academic potential. 

We provide step-by-step support for all our applicants. Our 2024-entry digital prospectus provides you with a quick and digestible overview of core information while more detailed admissions guidance can be found in our Guide for applicants.  We recommend that you sign-up now for our Choosing Oxford newsletter for step-by-step support with your application as well as some fun insights into student life here.  You might also like to watch our Official Video Guides. Details of other opportunities for you to explore student life at Oxford can be found in Increasing Access and in our outreach calendar

Most Popular Questions   

Can I visit Oxford University?

We run University-wide open days and many departments also run subject-specific open days. Other events are listed in our events calendar. If you cannot attend any of these events you may wish to make an independent visit.

When are Open Days taking place?

Dates for our 2024 undergraduate Open Days will be announced early next year.