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These videos are intended for school pupils in Years 11, 12 and 13. Each offers an introduction to a new topic, plus lots of activities and further resources to explore. When you click on a topic, we'll ask you a few questions and then play the video you've chosen.

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From the science behind medicine to its ethics and messaging, discover how our researchers approach the medical sciences. Undergraduate courses at Oxford include Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Experimental PsychologyHuman Sciences and Medicine.


How antidepressants affect your brain

Watch Helen's video on synapses and antidepressants

How our cells communicate

Watch Adam's video on cell-to-cell signalling and disease

Sleep tight: the science of sleeping

Watch Sian's video on why we sleep and how to do it better

Discovering the power of stem cells

Watch Alex's video on this promising technology

Getting to know your gut

Watch Jingdi's video on the world of your gut microbiome

Science denialism online

Watch Daria's video on health misinformation

Chemistry from nature

Watch Stuart's video on using natural products in medicines

The Natural World

From bees and bacteria to droughts and geology, discover more about how our researchers approach life on Earth. Undergraduate courses at Oxford include Archaeology & AnthropologyBiologyEarth SciencesGeography and Human Sciences.


Fantastic bacteria & ways to kill them

Watch Lois's video on the rise of antibiotic resistance

Why are flowers so important for bees?

Watch Ellen's video on pollinators & the flowers they need

Biogeomorphology: from moss to Mars

Watch Tim's video on the effect of life on planet Earth

Saving sharks: what, why & how?

Watch Hollie's video on why shark conservation matters

How scarce is freshwater?

Watch Charles's video on the impact of water scarcity

Evolutionary sexual conflict

Watch Joe's video on conflict in the animal kingdom

What is digital archaeology?

Watch Irene's video on being an archaeologist at your desk

Journey to the centre of the Earth

Watch Matthew's video on Earth Sciences & seismic waves