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Trinity College
Students at Trinity College.
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Trinity College

Trinity is a medium-sized college which occupies a beautiful, spacious site in the city centre. Relationships between students and tutors are open and friendly.

Trinity CollegeStudents enjoying one of the many gardens at Trinity College.

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In accordance with the University’s admissions policy, we welcome applicants from all backgrounds, and are committed to ensuring each student benefits fully from their three or four years at Trinity. Our excellent facilities and welcoming student community are the ideal basis for academic success.


Trinity is in the very centre of Oxford: the Bodleian Library is just a few metres from our main entrance on Broad Street, while the main Science Area is less than 5 minutes’ walk from our back gate on Parks Road.

Accommodation and meals

Undergraduates are guaranteed college-owned accommodation for the complete duration of their course. This is on the main college site for the first two years. In their second year some students opt to share a ‘set’ with a friend, with a bedroom each, connected to a shared living area; others opt for a study bedroom. Our third-/fourth-year accommodation is less than 15 minutes’ walk (or 5 minutes by bike) north of the college.

The food at Trinity is outstanding, and we cater for all dietary requirements. We also have kitchen facilities for students wanting to cook for themselves.

Read more on the college website.


Trinity provides excellent facilities, as well as generous bursaries, to help students reach their full potential.

All student accommodation has internet access and there are computer rooms with free printing for students. The library is open 24 hours a day and aims to provide copies of all books that undergraduates need.

On site are an undergraduate common room, college bar, a squash court, gym, and music practice rooms. We are well equipped for music-making, with a baby grand piano and organ in chapel which are free for students to use, as well as three additional pianos on site. Our sports ground is 15 minutes away, with provision for cricket, football, hockey, rugby and tennis. The boathouse is on the main stretch of the river.

Student societies

Our students are involved in a wide range of activities. The Trinity Players stage at least two productions a year, including one on our lawns. Women’s and men’s teams flourish in most sports. Our choir is non-auditioning, and gives recitals both in Oxford and on tour: in recent years visiting Tuscany, Budapest and Madrid. We also have a college orchestra, and smaller music groups. Many subjects have their own societies, hosting guest speakers and social events. There is also a debating society, a college newspaper and a careers society.

Academic staff


Professor Francis Barr*
Dr James Larkin
Professor Louis Mahadevan*
Professor Kim Nasmyth
Dr John Stanley


Dr Michael Laidlaw
Professor Mark Moloney
Dr Geoff Nelson
Professor Susan Perkin*
Dr Zoe Turner


Ms Abigail Buglass
Mr John Davie
Dr Alexandros Kampakoglou 
Mr Tom Mackenzie
Dr Gail Trimble*

Computer Science

Professor Marta Kwiatkowska*


Dr Vanessa Berenguer-Rico
Dr Tamas David-Barrett
Dr Andrea Ferrero*


Professor Michael Chappell
Dr Felix Hofmann
Professor Alexander Korsunsky*
Professor Stephen Sheard*


Dr Louise Curran
Dr Kantik Ghosh*
Dr Beatrice Groves
Dr Stefano-Maria Evangelista*


Dr Jonathan Mallinson*
Mme Renée Williams


Dr Helen Fronius


Dr Aurelia Annat
Dr Phil Booth
Dr Miriam Brusius
Dr Hannah-Louise Clark
Dr James McDougall*
Mr Bryan Ward-Perkins*
Dr Elena Screen

History of Art

Professor Craig Clunas*
Dr Julia Langbein


Mr Nicholas Barber*
Ms Elizabeth Drummond*


Dr Richard Ashdowne


Dr Duncan Robertson


Dr Jan Czernuszka*
Dr Michael Jenkins*
Professor Michael Moody*


Dr Ian Hewitt*
Dr Sinéad Hofmann
Dr Melanie Rupflin*


Professor Francis Ashcroft*
Professor Keith Buckler*
Professor Christopher Butler*
Dr Paul Fairchild*
Dr Adrian Kendal
Professor Peter McCulloch*
Dr Sarah Norman


Dr David Maw


Dr Anil Gomes*


Dr Francesco Hautmann
Professor Peter Read*
Dr Sam Vinko 
Professor Justin Wark*


Dr Stephen Fisher*


Dr Claúdia Pazos Alonso

Romance Languages

Professor Martin Maiden*


Dr Polly Jones


Dr Maria del Pilar Blanco*


Dr Alfifi Al-Akiti
Dr Phil Booth
Dr Jonathan Schaefer
Professor Johannes Zachhuber*

Student welfare

Welfare Dean and Chaplain

The Revd Dr Emma Percy*


Professor Jonathan Mallinson*

Senior Tutor

Professor Valerie Worth

*Fellow of the college

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