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St Anne's College
The grounds of St Anne's College.

St Anne's College

At St Anne’s we are committed to academic opportunity and excellence. We are an open, modern and integrated college, one of the largest in Oxford: a community of researchers and teachers, graduates and undergraduates. Our tutors and staff are known for being approachable and supportive and we have an excellent reputation for welfare.

St Anne's CollegeThe college coffee shop at St Anne's College.
The college was founded to advance educational emancipation, and this remains at the heart of our ethos. St Anne’s rewards outstanding academic work, gives generous grants for research and travel, and offers exceptional chances for study in Japan and work experience in Europe, as well as UK-based internships.


St Anne’s is slightly north of the city centre – 5 minutes by bicycle – just by the University Parks, close to the Science Area, Ashmolean Museum, Modern Languages and Classics Faculties and Mathematical and Oriental Institutes, as well as the new Radcliffe Observatory Quarter.

Accommodation and meals

St Anne’s has an excellent range of college accommodation which it offers to undergraduates for three years of their course. Nearly half the rooms are ensuite, and some rooms are specially designed for disabled access.

St Anne’s is renowned for the quality of its food. Most meals are relaxed self-service affairs, alongside popular formal guest nights when students can bring friends. The college coffee shop is extremely popular with students and staff and there are also self-catering kitchenettes close to all rooms.

Read more on the college website.


Our large college library is open 24 hours, with over 110,000 books and 73 workspaces for students to use. 2016 sees the opening of our new library, a landmark building which will add 59 more workspaces, 4 collaborative work rooms, and a dedicated space for learning information skills.

Our lecture theatres are excellent venues for teaching, drama, film and music. There is a lively bar, common room, gym, dark room and music practice rooms. The college shares a boathouse with St Hugh’s and Wadham and a nearby sports ground with St John’s.

Student societies

We have numerous events and activities: regular music recitals and film screenings, guest speakers from public life, an a cappella choir and an orchestra. Twice a term there are subject-family seminars, when members of college gather to listen to papers given by fellows* and students, followed by an informal dinner. The active JCR (Junior Common Room) organises everything from discussion groups to art classes. The college nurtures serious teams, notably in football and rowing, but there is also a wide range of sporting pursuits for those after sheer fun.

*Normally academics, these are senior members of college who belong to its governing body.

Academic staff


Professor David Harris*
Dr Lonnie Swift
Dr Peter Judge

Biological Sciences

Dr Michelle Taylor
Professor Martin Speight*


Professor Andrew Goodwin*
Dr Nicholas Green
Professor David Hodgson


Dr Robert Chard*

Computer Science

Professor Peter Jeavons*

Earth Sciences

Dr Richard Katz
Professor Don Porcelli*
Professor David Pyle*


Dr Terence O'Shaughnessy*
Professor Johannes Abeler*


Professor Jo-Anne Baird*
Dr Roger Firth*


Professor Alan Cocks*
Professor David Murray*
Dr Budimir Rosic*


Dr Siân Grønlie*
Dr Freya Johnston*
Dr Matthew Reynolds*
Professor Sally Shuttleworth*
Professor Kathryn Sutherland*
Dr Sam Thompson

Film Studies

Dr Andrew Klevan*

Fine Art

Dr Corin Sworn


Mrs Geneviève Adams
Professor Patrick McGuinness*


Professor David Banister*
Dr Nick Middleton


Dr Tom Kuhn
Dr Kirsten Dwyer

History, Ancient

Dr Edward Bispham

History, Modern

Dr Gareth Davies*
Mr Peter Ghosh*
Professor Howard Hotson*

International Relations

Professor Neil MacFarlane*


Dr Eleanor David

Latin and Greek

Dr Jonathan Katz
Professor Matthew Leigh*


Dr Liora Lazarus*
Dr Imogen Goold*
Dr Antonios Tzanakopoulos*

Management Studies

Professor Bent Flyvbjerg*
Miss Suellen Littleton

Materials Science

Professor Andrew Briggs*
Professor Christopher Grovenor* 
Professor Peter Wilshaw*
Dr Steve Fitzgerald
Professor Roger Reed*

Mathematics (and Statistics)

Dr Dmitry Belyaev*
Professor Peter Donnelly*
Professor Ben Hambly*
Professor Terence Lyons*
Dr Graham Nelson
Professor Hilary Priestley
Dr Sarah Waters*


Dr Helen Christian*
Dr Tim Lancaster*
Professor Francis Szele* 
Professor Paresh Vyas*


Dr Alexandra Buckle
Dr Martyn Harry*
Dr John Traill


Professor Roger Crisp*
Professor Ian Phillips*


Professor Neville Harnew*
Professor Patrick Irwin*


Dr Todd Hall*


Professor Kate Watkins*
Dr Nele Demeyere


Dr Geraldine Hazbun*

Student welfare

Senior Tutor

Dr Shannon McKeller Stephen 

College Nurse

Mrs Carolyn Ruhle

College Doctors

Dr Leaver and Partners

College Counsellor

Mrs Ann Hart

Disability Adviser

Ms Sheila Smith

Academic Registrar 

Mrs Morag McCormick Power


*Fellow of the college