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Queen's College
Front Quad, The Queen's College.
(Credit: Richard Wakefield)

The Queen's College

The community at Queen’s is diverse, drawn from every part of the UK, elsewhere in the EU and the wider world. Applications are encouraged from anyone who possesses a love of their chosen subject, the desire to take it further and strong academic potential. Our community is fused early on by the fact that the majority of first years live together, and the college enjoys open and engaged relations between tutors and students as well as supporting an active graduate community. All this on a beautiful and central site, which has been gradually modernised over the years.

Queen's CollegeThe Junior Common Room at the Queen's College.
The Queen’s Hardship Fund provides generous support in cases of need. Grants are also available for travel for academic purposes and to allow people to stay in Oxford outside term. A further fund provides additional support for non-academic projects. Good work is rewarded by bursaries.


Queen’s stands prominently on the High Street, a few minutes’ walk from the Bodleian Library and the University’s Science Area, Christ Church Meadow and city centre. Buses to London leave from outside the front gates.

Accommodation and meals

Queen’s guarantees accommodation to all students on three-year courses, and so far has always been able to house students on four-year courses. Much of the accommodation is ensuite. The kitchen and servery provide excellent food at cost price. The servery is also open throughout the morning for tea, coffee and snacks.

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The library contains about 100,000 volumes, including a large collection of rare books of international importance. There is 24-hour access, and separate libraries for Law and Egyptology. We can purchase any additional books required by undergraduates for their studies, and all students receive generous book grants. The 17th-century upper library, one of the finest rooms in Oxford, serves as a reading room. Wi-Fi is available throughout the college, and there is a well-equipped printer room.

The college has two music practice rooms and a new state-of-the-art auditorium, complete with grand piano. The gardens provide a space for work and relaxation adjacent to the college bar. The college also has a gym, an extensive sports field by the river, a boathouse and two squash courts. The common room hosts the popular student-run daily JCR Tea.

Student societies

Drama is always strong, with regular productions by the Eglesfield Players, named after the college’s founder. Music is also a strength: the choir is widely regarded as the finest mixed-voice chapel choir in Oxford, and the Frobenius organ attracts performers of international fame. Sport has always flourished at Queen’s, welcoming both enthusiastic beginners and serious sports players. The student-run Arts Week and college-wide Christmas events are yearly hits.

Academic staff


Professor Jane Mellor*
Dr Ruth Dixon
Dr Chris Cooper 

Biological Sciences

Professor Jane Langdale*
Dr Lindsay Turnbull*


Dr Jonathan Doye*
Professor Simon Aldridge*
Dr Jennifer Faulkner
Mr Ben Snodin
Dr Joe Abdalla


Dr Angus Bowie*
Dr Charles Crowther*
Mr Aneurin Ellis-Evans
Dr Simon Day


Dr Yuval Heller*
Dr Terry O'Shaughnessy 


Dr Rebecca Beasley*
Dr Christopher Salamone
Dr Francis Leneghan
Dr Katherine Hunt 

Fine Art

Dr Anthony Gardner*


Professor Roger Pearson*
Mrs Renée Williams
Dr John Smith
Dr Kathryn Rees
Dr Emily McLaughlin
Ms Caroline Sarfaty


Dr Charlie Louth*
Professor Ritchie Robertson*
Dr Charlotte Ryland
Ms Corrina Joerres


Professor John Blair*
Dr John Davis*
Dr Christine Peters


Professor Guido Bonsaver


Mr Nicholas Bamforth*
Professor Dan Sarooshi*
Dr Gregory Messenger
Ms Ciara Kennefick


Dr Keyna O'Reilly*
Dr Paul Bagot


Dr Panagiotis Papazoglou*
Dr Yves Capdeboscq*
Dr Martin Edwards
Dr Peter Neumann
Dr David Hewett

Medicine (Biomedical Sciences)

Professor Peter Robbins*
Professor Chris Norbury*
Professor Ian Tomlinson*
Professor Chris O'Callaghan*
Dr Paulo Tammaro
Mr Richard Kerr
Dr Michael Michin
Dr Michal Rolinski
Dr Thomas Dobbs
Dr Lynn Hryhorskyi

Medicine (Clinical)

Mr Timothy Goodacre


Professor Owen Rees*
Dr David Maw
Dr Benjamin Skipp

Oriental Studies

Dr Dirk Meyer*
Dr Jennifer Guest*


Professor John Hyman*
Dr Ada Bronowski


Dr Richard Nickerson*
Professor Robert Taylor*
Dr Jenny Barnes
Professor Gassan Yassin


Dr Nicholas Owen*
Dr Paul Billingham
Dr Christopher Malone


Dr Claudia Pazos Alonso


Dr Mark Buckley*
Dr David Popplewell


Dr Andrew Kahn


Dr Laura Lonsdale*
Mr Ritchie Rabone 

Student welfare


Professor Jane Mellor*
Professor Chris O'Callaghan 

Equalities Advisor

Dr Keyna O'Reilly*


The Revd Dr Daniel Inman

Senior Tutor

Professor Chris Norbury*

College Nurse

Mrs Midge Curran

Student Finance Officer

Dr Keyna O'Reilly*

Tutor for Undergraduates

Dr John Davis*

*Fellow of the college

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