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Pembroke College
Pembroke College.
(Credit: Shannon Dudley)

Pembroke College

Pembroke is a lively, inclusive and supportive academic community, with a commitment to excellence. Our strong inter-disciplinary ethos and collaborative environment encourage undergraduates, graduates and academic staff to work together and allow Pembroke students to enhance their studies with a broader outlook on the world.

Pembroke CollegeA student studying at Pembroke College.

(Credit: Shannon Dudley)

As with other colleges, we are committed to ensuring that motivated and talented students from any background feel able to apply here. At Pembroke we are proud pioneers of an in-depth academic outreach programme, particularly with state schools in London and the north-west. We also offer generous financial support, including travel grants, prizes and scholarships to reward academic excellence and hardship funds to support those in need.


Pembroke is conveniently located in the city centre, off St Aldate’s and not far from the river.

Accommodation and meals

Undergraduates are offered college accommodation for at least three years.  While finalists often choose rooms at our large annexe building, 7 minutes’ walk away next to the river, all others live on the college’s main site which is a fully catered option and where we offer a mix of traditional and modern buildings and a range of room sizes. Many rooms are ensuite and several are adaptable to accommodate a range of disabilities.  Pembroke has made a significant investment in recent years to ensure that all public facilities have step-free access.

Main meals are served in the hall – ‘pay as you go’ lunch on weekdays, and dinner Sunday to Friday. Farthings, the college café, is open 8am to 10pm Monday to Thursday and until 6pm on Fridays, and offers a wide range of drinks and snacks. Brunch is available from Farthings at weekends. There are also some shared kitchens throughout the college for self-catering.

Read more on the college website.


The college library has an excellent selection of texts for undergraduate courses and 24-hour opening in term time. The librarian provides advice and support with research techniques, referencing and other study skills.

In 2013 Pembroke opened a new quad on its main site, complete with multi-purpose auditorium, café, seminar rooms and an art gallery. These new facilities provide spaces for our thriving academic and artistic societies and events.

Wi-Fi is available throughout college, as well as wireless printing facilities.

Pembroke has its own sports ground and boathouse, which is home to one of the largest and most successful college boat clubs.

Student societies

In addition to the myriad of sports teams and music and drama activities at Pembroke, the college was the first to have a JCR-run Art Collection (founded in the 1940s) – this is linked to a charitable fund which provides grants to students as well as enabling new purchases.

Arabic, Persian and Turkish

Professpr Christopher Melchert*
Professpr Nicolai Sinai*
Mr Taj Kandoura
Dr Elisabeth Kendall


Professor Theo M Van Lint*



Professor André Furger*
Ms Joanna McGouran
Dr Kirsty McHugh 


Professor Alejandro Kacelnik*
Professor Nick Kruger*
Professor Mark Fricker*
Dr Amy Dickman
Dr Paul Johnson
Dr Claire El Mouden
Dr Simon Walker
Mr Timothy Walker


Professor Ben Davis*
Professor Andrew Baldwin*
Dr Ann Chippindale
Dr Sam Thompson


Dr Peter Ditmanson


Dr Brian A'Hearn*
Mr Luis Correia
Dr Craig Holmes
Mr Nick Horsewood
Mr Samuel Wills
Ms Tara Iyer 


Professor Clive Siviour*
Professpr Ingmar Posner*
Dr Matthew Arthington
Mr Roderick Lubbock
Dr Julian Oster
Ms Alejandra Albuerne 


Professor Lynda Mugglestone*
Professor Helen Small*
Professor Andrew Orchard*
Dr Madeleine Forey
Mr Daniel Thomas


Dr Tim Farrant*
Dr Adriana Bontea
Mr Alexandre Burin


Professor David Groiser
Mr Ufuk Őztűrk

History, Modern

Professor Adrian Gregory*
Professor Stephen Tuck*
Dr Peter Claus*
Dr Gemma Allen
Dr William Blair
Dr Rob Johnson
Dr Jan Lemnitzer


Professor Guido Bonsaver*
Dr Rachel Owen 


Professor Linda Flores*


Professor Ariel Ezrachi*
Professor Sandra Fredman*
Professor Rebecca Williams*
Mr Valentin Jeutner
Mr Karl Laird
Ms Natalie Mrockova
Mr Rajendra Desai
Dr Benjamin Jones 


Dr Holly Kennard


Professor Owen Darbishire*
Dr Eamonn Molloy*


Professpr Raphael Hauser*
Dr Rafel Bordas
Dr Steve Fitzgerald
Dr Gary Mirams
Dr Leonard Smith
Professor Min Chen*
Mr Felix Geyer
Mr Kristian Strommen
Dr Dima Pasechnik 


Professor Jeremy Taylor*
Professor Jonathan Rees*
Professor Irene Tracey*
Dr Richard Harrington
Dr Fredrik Karpe
Dr Andy Peniket
Dr Caroline Rodgers
Mr Moeen Panni 


Professor Raymond Fischer
Ms Nicola Harrison
Dr Guy Newbury


Professor Jeffrey Ketland*
Professor Guy Kahane*
Dr Peter King
Mr Naci Mehmet


Professor Alfons Weber*
Professor Tim Woollings*
Dr Antonin Vacheret
Dr Eduardo López


Professor Stephen Whitefield*
Mr Alexandre Barker
Dr Noa Schonmann
Mr William Jones


Dr Claire Williams


Dr Hannah Smithson*
Dr Rebekah White


Dr Jennifer Baines


Mr Roy Norton


Professor Justin Jones*
The Revd Dr Andrew Teal*


Student welfare


The Revd Dr Andrew Teal*


Dr  Brian A’Hearn*

Deputy Dean

Professor Rebecca Williams

Welfare Advisers

Dr Eamonn Molloy*
Professor Linda Flores*

Junior Deans

Mr Timothy Cheng
Ms Ezra Kaytaz
Ms Melissa Bailey 

*Fellow of the college