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Oriel College quad
Oriel College quad.
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Oriel College

Oriel is an inclusive, high-achieving academic community with a friendly atmosphere. We value diversity and encourage applications from potential students of all backgrounds. We also recognise the financial needs of students and offer bursaries, prizes for academic achievement, generous travel grants and access to student support funds.

A dedicated welfare team offers support to all students. Our tutors take a keen interest in the academic and personal development of their students through interactions in tutorials and a variety of informal contexts. Students are encouraged to enrich their studies by engaging in research activities in the college and the wider University. We aim to help our students achieve the highest academic standards and prepare them for their future lives and careers. Interdisciplinary sessions called Oriel Talks foster informal academic conversation between students and tutors. The vibrant college life can be experienced through numerous channels including music, the chapel choir, drama and sport.

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Oriel is...

…an amazing college with a central location, a well-stocked 24/7 library, beautiful quads and comfy rooms.

...able to accommodate you for three or four years, meaning the sense of college community becomes really strong as you go through your degree.

...a community where everyone knows everyone, can be themselves, and do what they enjoy.

...a place with something for everyone, from sport to music to drama and so much more.

...a family with its own culture, where everyone is valued for who they are.

Oriel CollegeCollege facilities

To compare facilities across different colleges, please visit our College Facilities Table.

College accommodation

  • All first years on site: YES
  • Usually offered for three years: YES
  • Usually offered for first year and one other year: NO
  • Usually offered for all years: NO
  • Some vacation storage for international students: YES


  • Dining hall: YES
  • Bar: YES
  • Café: NO


  • Gym on site: YES
  • Boathouse: YES
  • Library open 24/7: YES
  • Computer rooms/stations: YES
  • Wi-Fi throughout college: YES
  • Music room: YES
  • Theatre/performance space: NO
  • Chapel: YES
  • Multi-faith prayer room: YES

Clubs and societies

  • Music society: YES
  • Orchestra/s: NO
  • Choir/s: YES
  • Dramatic society: YES
  • College student magazine/paper: YES
  • Some subject societies: YES
  • Other societies: YES
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