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Oriel College

Oriel was the first college to be founded by a king back in 1326. Being a small college gives us a noticeably friendly atmosphere, with beautiful quads close to the Bodleian Library, the town centre and Christ Church Meadow. We offer all our undergraduates accommodation throughout their studies, and highly-subsidised formal dinners most evenings shape our rhythm of life together.

College activities range from a pancake race to a summer Shakespeare play. Oriel excels on the sports field and the river. We have a dedicated music room, and a vibrant chapel and choir.

The college has a dedicated welfare team and offers help with bursaries, travel grants and scholarships for academic excellence, encouraging applications from all backgrounds. We are a high-achieving academic community with a well-resourced library and tutors who take a keen interest in the academic and personal formation of their students in tutorials, seminars and numerous informal contexts. We aim to prepare our students for their future lives.

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Oriel is...

...a family with its own culture, where everyone is valued for who they are.

...able to accommodate you for three or four years, meaning the sense of college community becomes really strong as you go through your degree.

…a college alive with conversations across different subjects.

...a sociable environment where people are happy to talk to each other across the year groups and feel part of a college-wide community in quite a natural way.

College facilities

Oriel College

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College accommodation
All first years on site
Usually offered for all years
Usually offered for three yearsN/A
Usually offered for first year and one other yearN/A
Some vacation storage for international students
Dining hall
Gym on site
Library open 24/7
Computer rooms/stations
Wi-Fi throughout college
Music room
Theatre/performance space
Multi-faith prayer room
Clubs & societies activities
Music society
Dramatic society
College student magazine/paper
Some subject societies
Other societies

In order to ensure that all areas of the UK are fully supported by the University of Oxford, our colleges are working together to establish Oxford for UK, a series of regional outreach programmes offering tailored and local support to students of mixed ages, their parents and teachers.

Getting in touch with the college linked to your region has no influence on your chances of being accepted to this or any other particular college. You are also very welcome to get in touch with any other college for advice about applying or studying here.

Oriel College is part of Oxford for West Midlands.

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Access and Outreach at Oriel
Outreach Officer: Arron O'Connor
Outreach : +44 (0) 1865 276518

Admissions Officer: Julianna Fatimaharan
Admissions : +44 (0) 1865 276522

Postal address:
Oriel College
Oriel Street, Oxford OX1 4EW