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New College
Front Quad, New College.
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New College

New College is one of the largest, most famous and architecturally striking colleges, with beautiful large gardens, excellent facilities and a variety of modern and old buildings. The college has a distinguished musical tradition: our choir is world famous and our musical life (from 14th-century choral music to 21st-century jazz) is extraordinary. The atmosphere in college is relaxed, friendly and open, and we are proud of our actively engaged and diverse student body.


New CollegeStudents sitting in the Cloisters of New College.
The New College site is both quiet and central, close to many faculties, departments and libraries as well as shops, cinemas, cafés and clubs.

Accommodation and meals

We are able to provide accommodation in or close to college for all undergraduate students in their first, second and fourth years. A number of third-year undergraduates can also be accommodated. Our rooms are single study bedrooms, with internet access; most are ensuite, some with shared bathrooms. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in hall during term. Some self-catering kitchens and kitchenettes are also available for student use. The college aims to accommodate students with disabilities, and such applicants are encouraged to contact the college to discuss their needs.

Read more on the college website.


The college library has plenty of work space, and is open until midnight during term time. There are up-to-date books for all courses with more than 100,000 volumes available, 70% of which are on open shelves. There are excellent IT facilities with internet connections in all college accommodation. The JCR computer room has workstations with printers and scanners, and there is wireless access across the college. We have several music practice rooms with pianos and a band room with a drum kit, keyboard, amplifiers, microphones, decks and a PA system.

New College has its own sports ground and pavilion close to the main college site with pitches for rugby, football and hockey, two squash courts, and an all-weather court for netball and basketball. There is also a cricket pitch, grass and hard tennis courts and a boathouse on the banks of the River Thames, along with a number of college punts.

Student societies

New College fosters individuality in its students, but they are also encouraged to get together so that societies flourish. Several drama groups put on productions each year, while music is a college passion too. There are chamber and choral groups of many sizes, as well as a college orchestra. Furthermore, we cater for jazz and non-classical musicians. We keep up high levels in sport and field many teams and boats. Our female athletes have been especially successful in recent years.

Academic staff


Dr Timothy Nott

Professor George Ratcliffe*

Biological Sciences

Dr Ashleigh Griffin*
Professor Oliver Pybus*‡


Professor Steve Davies

Dr Robert Jacobs
Professor John McGrady*
Professor Christiane Timmel*


Professor Andrew Meadows*
Professor Jane Lightfoot*

Dr Milena Melfi

Professor Robert Parker*‡
Mr David Raeburn
Mr Stephen Anderson 

Computer Science

Dr Geraint Jones
Professor Andy Wathen*


Professor Dieter Helm*
Dr Richard Mash*

Mr Simone Pedemonte
Mr Jasper van Dijk
Professor Tony Venables*‡


Mr David Palfreyman*‡


Dr René Bañares-Alcántara*
Professor David Limebeer*‡

Dr Patrick Salter
Dr Andrea Vedaldi*
Professor Martin Williams*


Dr Mark Griffith*

Mr Philip Knox
Professor Laura Marcus*‡
Dr William Poole*
Dr John Scholar
Dr Hannah Sullivan*

Experimental Psychology

Dr Holly Bridge
Professor Miles Hewstone*

Professor Masud Husain

Dr Charles Stiller

Dr Mark Stokes

Dr Ralf Wölfer


Dr Chimène Bateman*
Dr Andrew Counter*

Ms Sarah Houillon


Dr Kirstin Gwyer

Dr Tobias Heinrich

Professor Karen Leeder*

History, Ancient

Professor Andrew Meadows*
Professor Robert Parker*‡

History, Modern & Medieval

Dr Anne Hanley
Professor Ruth Harris*
Dr Jan Machielsen
Dr David Parrott*‡
Dr Christopher Tyerman

Human Sciences

Dr Max Burton-Chellew


Dr Giuseppe Stellardi


Professor Susan Bright*

Dr Meghan Campbell
Dr Dori Kimel*


Dr Rosalind Temple*

Management Studies

Professor Mari Sako*‡
Professor Richard Whittington*


Dr Samuel Cohen

Professor Marcus du Sautoy*‡
Professor Nigel Hitchin*‡
Professor David Gavaghan*‡
Professor Victor Flynn*
Professor Andy Wathen*

Dr Yufei Zhao


Dr Holly Bridge

Ms Alice Buchan
Dr Grant Churchill*
Professor Antony Galione
Professor Masud Husain*‡
Professor Alain Townsend*‡


Professor Michael Burden*

Dr Henry Hope
Mr Robert Quinney* 


Dr Paolo Fait*
Professor Volker Halbach*
Professor Stephen Mulhall*
Professor Timothy Williamson*‡


Professor Steven Balbus

Professor Joseph Conlon*
Dr Laura Lauro-Taroni
Dr Adrianne Slyz*


Dr Gideon Elford 
Dr Elizabeth Frazer*‡
Dr Jonathan Leader Maynard

Mr Ben Noble 


Professor Catriona Kelly*
Dr Oliver Ready

Professor Andrei Zorin*‡


Dr Jonathan Thacker

Student welfare


The Revd Dr Erica Longfellow


Professor Michael Burden

Assistant Dean

Dr Gideon Elford

Junior Deans

Mr Christopher Hinchcliffe
Mr Ayowande McCunn
Dr Vuyane Mhlomi
Mr Andrew Fellows

Home Bursar

Ms Caroline Thomas*

JRFs with responsibility for welfare

Dr Tom Cutterham
Dr Ryan Hanley

College Doctor

Dr Clare Stephenson

*Fellow of the college
‡Academic staff not engaged in undergraduate teaching