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Lady Margaret Hall
The grounds of Lady Margaret Hall.
(Credit: Richard Budd)

Lady Margaret Hall

Our students enjoy all the benefits of a traditional Oxford education within a warm, open and informal environment. We have almost equal numbers of men and women among our tutors, our undergraduates and our graduates. Our students work with internationally distinguished scholars who are dedicated to tutorial teaching and to welfare support. Bursaries, academic awards and scholarships are available to enable hard-working students to achieve their academic potential. We are accessible to those with mobility problems. LMH has an exceptionally beautiful site with gardens which run down to the river.


Lady Margaret HallStudents at Lady Margaret Hall.

(Credit: Richard Budd)

We are beside the University Parks, a 5-minute walk to the Science Area and about 15 minutes on foot (5 minutes by bicycle) from the city centre.

Accommodation and meals

Undergraduates are guaranteed a room on the college site for three years of their course. Some rooms are unusually large, and the majority are ensuite; all have wireless internet connections. There is purpose-built accommodation for physically disabled students. Our dining hall serves a wide menu on a buffet basis and there are opportunities for formal meals alongside more informal gatherings. We are proud of the quality of our food and are distinctive in having a large number of student kitchens and kitchenettes so that all students can also cook and prepare their own food for themselves and their friends.

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Our college library is a lovely place to study. It has separate secluded bays as well as common tables. We have a generous stock of books and research materials that is matched closely to the requirements of our students’ courses. The library and its resources are always available: open 24/7, with most materials on open shelves, and a self-checkout system. There is a computer room, and students can bring laptops into the library for their work. We designate a brainstorming room for students to talk about work outside the library.

We have a lecture theatre which is available for student theatre and musical performances. It is an adaptable space used for lectures, films and ceremonies. We have music practice rooms, a gym, tennis courts, playing fields and a boathouse with its own punts. Our buildings house a purpose-built undergraduate common room, and our bar has a games room and an outside terrace.

Student societies

LMH students are active in a wide variety of societies, sports (competitive and recreational), cultural and community activities. We enjoy excellent facilities and it is easy to get involved or to start new activities at LMH and to find others to join in.

Academic staff


Dr Thomas Mannack
Dr Claudia Wagner 


Dr Garry Brown*
Dr Philip Biggin*


Professor Adrian Thomas*
Dr Aziz Aboobaker*
Professor A Grafen


Dr Robert Adlington*
Dr Jose Goicoechea*


Professor Amin Benaissa*
Professor Christina Kuhn*
Dr Helen Kaufmann 


Professor Brian Bell*
Dr Pawel Dziewulski 


Dr Penelope Smith*
Professor Nick Hankins*


Dr Christine Gerrard*
Dr Helen Barr*
Dr Sophie Ratcliffe*

Fine Art

Dr Elizabeth Price*
The Revd Dr Allan Doig*


Dr Marie-Chantal Killeen*


Dr Ben Morgan

History, Ancient

Dr Christina Kuhn*

History, Modern

Dr Grant Tapsell*
Professor Michael Broers*
Dr George Garnett
Dr Alexander Middleton

International Relations

Nicole De Silva


Dr Manuele Gragnolati


Professor Sionadh Douglas-Scott*
Dr Alexandra Braun*
Niranjan Venkatesan 


Dr Mary MacRobert*


Professor Hiram Samel

Mathematics & Statistics

Dr Christina Goldschmidt*
Dr Jochen Koenigsmann*
Professor Michael Monoyios*
Dr Rolf Suabedissen


Professor Anant Parekh*
Dr Jo Begbie*
Dr Garry Brown*


Professor Susan Wollenberg*


Dr James Studd*
Professor Dominic Scott 


Professor Todd Huffman*
Dr Gianluca Gregori*
Professor Peter Norreys
Professor Niranjan Thatte 


Professor Gillian Peele*


Dr Fiona Spensley*

Russian and Slavonic Languages

Dr Mary MacRobert*


Dr Xon de Ros*


Dr Jan Westerhoff*

Student welfare


The Revd Dr Allan Doig*


Dr José Goicoechea

Junior Deans

Ms Josephine Holland
Ms Natalie Sanderson

University Counselling Service Representative

Ms Elizabeth Treasure

Advisory Tutors

Professor Susan Wollenberg*
Professor Christine Gerrard*
Dr Robert Adlington*

College Doctors

Dr Catherine McDonnell
Dr Chris Hornby

College Nurse

Mrs Anne Harpin

Academic administration

Senior Tutor:

Dr Fiona Spensley*

Senior Tutor's Administrator:

Ms Catherine Boase

*Fellow of the college