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Corpus Christi College
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Corpus Christi College

About the college

Experience a strong sense of community and a friendly atmosphere at Corpus Christi, one of Oxford’s older colleges. We pride ourselves on a strong tradition of openness, tolerance and fairness.

Corpus Christi combines history with modernity. The college’s magnificent 16th-century library with over 60,000 books, 24-hour opening, online catalogues and WiFi access, is both a convenient and beautiful place to work.


Students have access to a sports field and boathouse, entertainment rooms, a Junior Common Room (JCR), and the Beer Cellar. We have a dedicated auditorium suitable for lectures, concerts, theatrical productions, and parties.

Among the most active of the many clubs are the dramatic society – the Owlets – the choir, and the rowing and rugby teams. Students' welfare plays a central role in daily life with a tea and biscuit break provided every afternoon, six days a week. On Saturdays a more substantial ‘welfare tea’ is provided with a selection of food and drinks, and opportunity for discussion and support.

Corpus has an impressive social calendar with a big party in college (the Ball) every other spring and a fair each June, which features the college’s famous tortoise race!

Read more on the college website.

Corpus Christi is...

'…a wonderful community.'

'…weekly film nights and a ton of welfare.'

'…the college tortoise and the beautiful gardens.'

'…making friends for life.'

'…right at the heart of the city.'

College facilities

Visit our College Facilities page to compare facilities across different colleges.

College accommodation


College availability

All first years on siteYes
Usually offered for all yearsYes
Usually offered for three yearsNot applicable
Usually offered for first year and one other yearNot applicable
Some vacation storage for international studentsYes


Catering type

College availability

Dining hallYes


Facility type

College availability

 Gym on siteYes
 Library open 24/7Yes
 Computer rooms/stationsYes
 Wi-Fi throughout collegeYes 
 Music roomYes
 Theatre/performance spacesYes
 Multi-faith prayer roomYes

Clubs & societies 

Club / society

College availability

Music societyYes
Dramatic societyYes
College student magazine/paperNo
Some subject societiesYes
Other societiesYes

College outreach

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In order to ensure that all areas of the UK are fully supported by the University of Oxford, our colleges are working together to establish Oxford for UK, a series of regional outreach programmes offering tailored and local support to students of mixed ages, their parents and teachers.

Getting in touch with the college linked to your region has no influence on your chances of being accepted to this or any other particular college. You are also very welcome to get in touch with any other college for advice about applying or studying here.

Corpus Christi College is part of Oxford for North West.

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Outreach programmes

Our aim is to raise awareness of the University and its undergraduate admissions process while also equipping pupils with the tools they need to make informed choices about their futures. So, what's available at Corpus Christi?

North West Science Network

The North West Science Network (NWSN) is a partnership between Corpus Christi College and three college hubs in the North West:

  • Cheshire College South and West (Crewe),
  • Xaverian College (Manchester),
  • and Blackburn College (Blackburn).

This outreach activity aims to engage Year 12 students from the Northwest with research-level science and scientists, and is designed to further equip them to make informed choices in relation to higher education, and to support them in their application and entry into university. Events take place across the year both locally and in Oxford.

Law Outreach

Corpus Christi runs the Peter Cane Legal Reasoning Prize, open to students in Years 12 and 13. This prize is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring lawyers to analyse a legal text and communicate their analysis.

We also have a law residential, open to students in Year 12. Both of these take place in March.

Book Club

The Corpus Christi Book Club is a great opportunity for Year 11 and 10 students from the Northwest to come together and discuss a book with one of our academics. We meet once a term online, after reading the selected text.

More information about our Outreach work can be found on the Corpus Christi’s website.


Access and Outreach at Corpus Christi
Senior Outreach and Admissions Officer: Emma Gregory
Assistant Outreach Officer: Edith Richardson

 +44 (0) 1865 276693
 [email protected]

Postal address:
Corpus Christi College
Merton Street, Oxford OX1 4JF

Outreach events

 Visit the University's Outreach event calendar to view upcoming outreach events. Please note that some events may require advance booking or have specific eligibility criteria.