Teachers careers resources

Our University Careers Service wants to help students to make informed decisions about their future career. We are pleased to extend this ambition to schools – helping pupils to have the skills and tools to make those decisions, whether they apply to university, enrol in an apprenticeship, go straight into work, or do something else.

All our careers advice and briefings on industry sectors, application skills and more are freely available. You can direct your pupils to our online resources, and if you would like to consider any of the programmes outlined below, please get in touch.

Our programmes

Litmus -  Our careers registration tool that asks students to define their frame of mind around their career and the specific industry sectors in which they are interested. Staff can then use these to arrange tailored careers events that fit with students’ current mindset and industry interests.

The Student Consultancy for Schools - A structured programme designed to engage teams of pupils on real business issues with local organisations. Pupils who take part learn basic consulting skills including analysis, research, interviewing, presenting and report writing. They will also learn secondary skills of planning their time, working with the public and business people, and understanding how organisations work.

Ignite: Careers Confidence for Schools - Offers over 60 separate, age-specific lessons on assertiveness, confidence, networking, and marketing for Key Stages 3, 4, and 5. The programme is designed to be delivered by teachers within the existing curriculum, in 20, 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons.