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Becoming an entrepreneur

Do you want to build your own future? Develop your own ideas? Set up your own company or social enterprise? Make a difference in the world? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then Oxford can really help get you started. 

You can develop your entrepreneurial and employability skills through a range of amazing resources and opportunities. Opportunities include:

  • idea development
  • start-up incubators
  • innovation challenges and competitions
  • many more opportunities on EnSpire Oxford.

Be inspired

Start your ideas flowing by checking out these examples of spinouts, charities and products that have already been created here at Oxford:

  • EnSpire Oxford is the University of Oxford’s entrepreneurship hub. Here you’ll be able to navigate the wealth of existing entrepreneurship activity found within the University, expand your entrepreneurial mindset and take advantage of a range of extra-curricular activities, including experiential learning and networking opportunities.
  • Find out more about entrepreneurs Oxford has already spawned by reading the Entrepreneurs Uncovered interviews or by watching these Student Startup videos
  • Check out the dedicated resources from The Careers Service to help you develop your entrepreneurial side

Dip your toe in

Want to try it out? Join IDEA’s Engaging with Entrepreneurship programme, and build your entrepreneurial skillset with the range of entrepreneurial activities available here at Oxford:

Get involved

Enhance your employability through entrepreneurship, and be part of an ecosystem that has valuable social impact on our world.

The Startup Incubator is free and aimed at members and alumni of the University of Oxford wanting to start or grow entrepreneur-driven ventures.

Entrepreneurship Centre

Whether you're starting your own business, wanting to build on your entrepreneurial skill set or simply interested in all things innovation, The University's Entrepreneurship Centre (EC) at Saïd Business School will aid in pursuing your ambitions through a variety of streamlined programmes, world-class events and a local/global expert network.

Although primarily involved with MBA students, the EC offers a variety of programmes and initiatives for the wider Oxford community, including:

  • E-School – a new online learning platform for all Oxford students that includes on-demand content to help aspiring student entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their own high-growth start-ups. The platform features bespoke content from some of the biggest names in entrepreneurship, business, investment, sport, military and more!
  • oNetwork - a community of highly experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who share their expertise with Oxford Saïd students and alumni in one-to-one, small group and workshop formats. Although targeted for MBA students and alumni only, if you’re an undergraduate studying Economic and Management at the University, you are liable to join.
  • Oxford Venture Builder – a programme - supported by The Hub and delivered by the Entrepreneurship Centre - for all Oxford students and staff to develop their business ideas, offering a three-day bootcamp, mentorship, hands-on support, networking and a pitching night. The programme aims to provide participants with the tools and knowledge to research the market, validate their ideas, and develop products and services.
  • Oxford Seed Fund - a select international team of entrepreneurs, investors and industry specialists looking to learn first-hand about the investment process in early-stage ventures. If you're a student at the University with an early-stage business, you could receive up to £25k and expert support from our oxford seed fund team. The fund is also open to Oxford University staff and alumni.
  • Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum (OSEF) – an annual conference held at Saïd Business School to promote and inspire entrepreneurship and innovation and showcase the Oxford entrepreneurship ecosystem. The day includes keynote speeches from thought-leaders, interactive panel discussions, a pitching competition and exhibition space, with networking opportunities aplenty.