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After Oxford
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After Oxford

Choosing what to do when you leave Oxford may not be your top priority. You have, after all, years to make that decision - and then even more opportunity to change it. However, it’s still worth knowing these quick facts...

Many Oxford graduates secure well-paid employment.

£27,000 is the average annual starting salary of our recent graduates.

Whatever your degree subject, there is a huge range of potential employment opportunities.

Leading employers recruit across our range of subjects, and we’re one of the top five universities targeted by leading graduate recruiters. For example, students from across our range of subjects go on to work in sectors including law, finance, government, media and arts, winning places using the transferable skills from any Oxford degree.

'Oxford students are self-starters, who are able to intelligently apply themselves to a range of tasks. They are often able to manage their time effectively, and confidently present themselves in professional situations.'
Academic Research Think Tank

'The Oxford system produces graduates who are able to think independently and creatively, and above all, know how to go about continual learning. In our business, the ability to handle new situations, and new skills, is much more important than any specific vocational or subject-specific training.'
IT Services Firm

'Bright, talented people with an optimistic outlook and excellent communications skills.'
Large Management Consultancy Firm

'One can rely on the quality of the training, level of reasoning and problem solving ability, integrity, and respect of Oxford students.'
Engineering & Environmental Services Firm

There are more jobs advertised through the Careers Service than students to fill them.

Nearly 7,050 opportunities were advertised over the past year on Oxford’s online system, CareerConnect, including internships, work experience places and permanent jobs. 

It doesn’t matter which subject you choose, studying at Oxford prepares you for a very broad range of careers.

Six months after leaving, the majority of our recent graduates are in employment or in further study. 7% were doing something else such as taking time out to travel and only 5% were looking for work.

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