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Open day visitors
Open day visitors
Credit: John Cairns

Sample Open Day programme

The next University-wide Open Days for undergraduates will be on Wednesday 27 June 2018, Thursday 28 June 2018, and Friday 14 September 2018. The official timetables for the days will be made available as the dates approach but some sample programmes are provided here to give you a flavour of what you can do and see during an Oxford Open Day.

If you can, visit at least one department and a shortlist of colleges which offer the course(s) you are interested in studying on the Open Day. This will give you the best chance to find out what it's like to live and study in Oxford. If you still have questions, then you can come to the Open Day Information Centre where there will be information desks and admissions staff available from 09:00 to 17:00.

Subject events

Choosing the right course is one of the most important decisions you will have to make when considering your options for university. Open Days offer a rare opportunity to visit departments and speak to staff and students who know all about the subject you love and what it is like to study it here.

Most departments offer information to visitors on a drop-in basis though some require you to book in advance for their events. Opening times for the June 2017 events are listed below.

Department name

Opening times for drop-in visitors


Department name

Opening times for drop-in visitors

Archaeology and Anthropology11:00-16:00 History of ArtNo drop-ins
Biochemistry 10:00-12:00
 Human Sciences10:00-17:00
Biological Sciences09:00-12:00 Law09:00-17:00
Biomedical Sciences09:45-15:00 Materials Science10:00-16:00
Chemistry10:30-16:00 Mathematics09:30-16:00
Classics09:15-16:00 Medicine09:30-16:30
Computer Science09:30-17:30 Modern Languages14:00-15:00
Earth Sciences 10:00-16:00 Music09:30-17:00
Economics and Management10:00-12:00 Oriental Studies10:00-12:00
Engineering Science10:00-16:00 Philosophy, Politics and  Economics10:00-16:00
English 10:00-16:00 Physics10:00-16:00
Fine Art

Sessions start at 10:00 and 14:30.


Psychology (Experimental) (at the Examination Schools)

Geography09:30-15:00 Statistics14:45-16:30
History (at the Examination Schools) 09:00-14:00 Theology and Religion10:00-15:00

College events

All colleges welcome drop-in visitors, but some require you to book in advance for some of their events. Opening times for events in June 2017 are shown below. Many colleges offer accommodation for students attending their events who cannot make the journey to Oxford and back in one day. Details about this will be available in the weeks ahead of the next Open Days.

College name


Opening times for drop-in visitors


College name

Opening times for drop-in visitors

Balliol 10:00-17:00 The Queen's College09:00-17:30
Blackfriars Hall (21+)

10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:00

 Regent's Park09:00-16:00
Brasenose 09:00-17:00 St Anne's09:15-17:00
Christ Church09:00-17:00 St Benet's Hall10:00-17:00
Corpus Christi 10:00-16:30 St Catherine's09:30-18:00
Exeter 10:00-16:30 St Edmund Hall 09:30-16:30
Harris Manchester (21+)09:00-17:00 St Hilda's 08:30-16:30
Hertford10:00-17:00 St Hugh's 09:00-18:00
Jesus College 10:00-17:00 St John's 10:00-17:00
Keble 09:00-17:00 St Peter's 09:00-17:00
Lady Margaret Hall 09:30-18:00 St Stephen's Hallclosed
Lincoln 09:00-17:00 Somerville 09:00-16:45
Magdalen10:00-16:30 Trinity 10:00-16:00
Mansfield08:45-17:00 University College 10:00-17:00
Merton 09:45-17:00 Wadham09:00-17:00
New College10:00-17:00 Worcester 10:00-17:00
Oriel 09:00-17:00 Wycliffe Hall (21+)13:30-15:30
Pembroke 08:30-18:00   

Open Day Information Centre

If you still have questions after visiting departments or colleges, or if the event you planned to attend is full, then please come to the Open Day Information Centre at the Examination Schools, 75-81 High Street. You may attend talks or chat to staff at the following information stands: Admissions, Admissions tests, Careers Service, Continuing Education, Disabled Students, IT Services, Mature Students, Student Fees and Funding. The Oxford University Student Union and representatives from University Sport as well as clubs and societies will also be on hand to answer your questions.

Museums, Libraries and other venues

Museums and Libraries are an important and exciting resource for Oxford students. Please take the opportunity to visit during the Open Days.


Ashmolean Museum

Please note that entry to Raphael:The Drawings exhibition is subject to availability

Museum of the History of Science12:00-17:00
Oxford University Museum of Natural History10:00-17:00
Pitt Rivers Museum10:00-16:30
University of Oxford Botanic Gardens09:00-18:00


Bodleian Library and History Faculty Library (Radcliffe Camera) 11.15-15:45
Bodleian Law LibraryTours at 09:00, 12:00, 16:00
Bodleian Social Science Library09:30-17:30
Sackler Library Tours at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00
Philosophy & Theology Faculties Library10:00-16:00
Radcliffe Science Library09:30-16:30

Other venues

Sports Centre


Language Centre

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