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Oxford support

We don't want anyone who has the academic ability to get a place to study here to be held back by their financial circumstances. To meet that aim, Oxford offers one of the most generous financial support packages available for UK/Republic of Ireland students and this may be supplemented by support from your college.

Despite what you might think, studying at Oxford may actually be cheaper and better value than at other universities.

How we keep costs down

  1. Our free, world-class resources - meaning fewer expensive academic books to buy. Many students say that they have never had to buy a book whilst studying here.
  2. Oxford is a small city to get around and most University buildings are in the centre - resulting in low travel costs. Most places you might need to get to will be a maximum of  20 minutes' walk or 5-10 minutes' cycle ride away. Depending on the location of your college, many routine stops may well be on your doorstep or round the corner at most!
  3. Shorter terms - helping towards lower accommodation costs. Our teaching terms are only 8 weeks long whilst most other university terms are 10 weeks long.
  4. A minimum of two years available in college accommodation - most universities offer one year of campus accommodation whilst many Oxford colleges offer this for three years or even the duration of the course. This normally works out cheaper as you only pay for accommodation during term time, rather than being committed to a private rental contract which is typically longer.
  5. Food in colleges is good value - heavily subsidised and in generous quantities.

The bursary support I received has been key to making my first year at Oxford the thrilling journey that it has been. It helped me attend conferences, Chinese lessons and dancing classes and cover accommodation costs during my micro-internship. It has also helped me live a healthy life in Oxford, both in terms of eating habits and social life.


Added value

Our course fees for Home fee status students are £9,250 - the same as many other universities. However, at Oxford this helps cover the cost of your personalised tutorial teaching. Find out more about our tutorial teaching and how this is different from most other universities. Many people, both at Oxford and across the world, believe that it is this tried and tested system of teaching which is at the heart of Oxford's academic reputation and why it has been voted No. 1 university in the world in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings for the last six years running.


As last year, this bursary has been an enormous mental support during this year. It has solved so many of my financial problems and that thought alone, along with not being a financial burden on my parents, has put me at ease and allowed me to focus on my studies. I am extremely grateful to be granted this opportunity.


Oxford bursaries

Students with Home fee status from lower-income households are eligible for an annual, non-repayable Oxford bursary to help with living costs. The amount of the bursary will depend on your household income. Whatever amount you are entitled to receive, it comes in addition to your other UK government funding.

Last year, over 2,500 undergraduate students received an Oxford bursary. To find out what you might be entitled to and how the process works, visit our fees and funding pages.

Care-experienced students

If you are a UK student and have ever been in care, you can apply for a non-repayable annual bursary of up to £3,000 for each year of your course to help with costs, including during the vacations. If you qualify to apply for this additional support, you will be notified by the University automatically at the start of the course. Please contact for confidential advice and guidance. 

Estranged students without family support

If you are a UK student and estranged from your family, you can apply for a non-repayable annual bursary of up to £3,000 for each year of your course to help with costs, including during the vacations. You can apply for this additional support from the start of your course.