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Do you enjoy learning? Are you doing well academically without much extra help? Perhaps you're interested in studying at Oxford but are not sure whether you'd be happy here and manage the workload? Maybe you think that the competition for places is just too tough. Then we'd like to tell you about Oxford's exciting new opportunity for someone just like you!

From 2020-entry, our new access programme, Opportunity Oxford will have up to 60 places available across a range of subjects for UK students who might not have expected or realised that they might qualify for a place to study here. This number of places on Opportunity Oxford will continue to rise over the next couple of years up to 200. To be eligible, you will be on track to meet the academic requirements of your chosen Oxford course but will not have received lots of support with your studies and will come from a less advantaged background.

Opportunity Oxford aims to prepare academically-talented students like you for university - so that you can make the most of your abilities and enjoy your studies. All you have to do is apply to Oxford through UCAS in the normal way. If you are eligible, you will automatically be considered for a place on Opportunity Oxford. You will know if you are successful in receiving an offer from Oxford and a place on Opportunity Oxford in January, and at the same time as all our offers for undergraduate study are made every year.

What does the programme involve?

As part of Opportunity Oxford, you will be invited to a welcome event in the summer. Following this you will be expected to complete the equivalent of two weeks in-depth academic tasks in your subject during July and August. You can do this work from home. All necessary materials will be provided online and you will have access to online support. All those whose exam results (A-level or equivalent) meet the academic requirements of their Oxford course will then progress to a residential course. Taking place in September, this will be a free two week academic programme here in Oxford, before your first term begins in October. This programme will introduce you to lectures, tutorials and hopefully give you the chance to make some new friends.

Opportunity Oxford means you can begin your studies with confidence and with the knowledge that you can enjoy life at Oxford.

Does this sound like the opportunity you were waiting for? Will one of these places go to you? All you have to do is have a go and apply to study here. Come and join our inclusive Oxford.

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