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Main quadrangle, University College.
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University College

Students at Univ come from all sorts of backgrounds, and from all over the world. They have two things in common: intellectual ability and potential. They also have the capacity and enthusiasm for hard work, and enjoy intellectual challenges. Univ has a well-deserved reputation for academic excellence, openness, informality and strong welfare and student support systems

University CollegeThe 16th century gothic style dining hall at University College.

(Credit: Eleanor Chamings)

To make it easy for everyone who gets a place to come here, we offer some of the most generous college bursaries at Oxford on top of University financial support. To make sure that everyone settles into their life in Oxford, we offer a carefully balanced Welcome Week and a programme of academic support activities for all new students. We are unique among colleges in offering a free pre-sessional maths booster week for students in the relevant mathematical, physical and medical sciences.


Univ is located right at the centre of the city, minutes away from the main libraries, lecture halls, laboratories, shops, restaurants, pubs, parks and the river. Our beautiful old buildings have been fully modernised for 21st-century needs, and we have several peaceful courtyards and gardens with grass and trees.

Accommodation and meals

Undergraduates are offered accommodation for all three years of their course. Students studying four-year courses can usually also be housed in their fourth year. Our student accommodation is high quality and affordable, while good-value high-quality food is served from our kitchen and buttery seven days a week in term time.

Read more on the college website.


Students love working in our college library, which contains about 50,000 volumes with plenty of computers exclusively to support their study; there is a separate law library which is also well provided. Both libraries are open 24 hours a day in term. All student rooms are fully networked for computer use and also have telephones.

Student societies

Many students at Univ take advantage of starting university to try out new interests and activities in their spare time. The Junior Common Room (JCR) is the student union for the college, and organises a wide variety of social events as well as representing students’ needs. Lots of Univ students also get involved with our successful Ambassador Scheme, which works across the UK with schools, teachers and pupils to get them thinking about applying to university and to help them with their applications. There is a high level of participation in music through the music society and the chapel choir; typically there are about nine college concerts a year, while the drama society, the Univ Players, usually puts on a summer production each Trinity term. There are a number of other societies and college teams in many sports and access to excellent sports facilities.

Academic Staff 


Dr Catherine Pears*
Dr Peter McHugh
Dr Rhys Evans

Biomedical Science

Dr Keith Dorrington*
Dr Catherine Pears*
Dr Trevor Sharp*
Dr Nicholas Yeung*


Professor Edman Tsang*
Dr Martin Smith*
Dr Martin Galpin*
Professor David Logan*
Dr Sarah Jenkinson
Dr Michael Laidlaw
Dr Justin Benesch*
Mr Jason Lee
Dr Peter Knipe 


Dr William Allan*
Dr Lisa Kallet* 
Dr Richard Ashdown
Dr Ine Jacobs 

Computer Science and Bioinformatics

Professor A William Roscoe*
Professor Michael Benedikt*
Dr Andrew Ker*
Professor Jotun Hein*
Mr Thomas Gibson-Robinson*

Earth Sciences

Professor Gideon M Henderson*
Dr Tamsin Mather*
Professor Philip England*
Dr Lars Hansen*


Dr Stephen Collins*
Dr Thomas Povey*
Dr Christopher MacMinn 


Professor Tiffany Stern*
Dr Nicholas Halmi*
Dr Laura Varnam
Dr Stephen Bernard
Dr Ashley Maher


Dr Catherine Holmes*
Dr Oliver Zimmer*
Dr Benjamin Jackson*
Ms Leslie Theibert


Mr Angus Johnson*
Professor John Gardner*
Mr Jacob Rowbottom*
Miss Kate Greasley


Dr Peter D Howell*
Dr Andrew Ker*
Dr Nikolay Nikolov*
Professor Yee Whye Teh*
Dr Dino Sejdinovic 

Medicine and Physiology

Dr Keith Dorrington*
Professor Trevor Sharp*
Professor Peter Jezzard*
Dr Roger Gundle
Dr Thomas Smith*
Mr Andrei-Sorin Ilie
Dr Najib Rahman*
Dr James Kolasinski
Miss Catherine Manning 

Modern Languages

Dr Polly Jones*
Dr Francesco Manzini
Dr Zuzana Rihova 


Dr Daniel Grimley (Fellow of Merton)
Dr Matthew Cheung-Salisbury

Oriental Studies

Professor Mark J Smith*
Professor Baerend ter Haar*
Mr Luigi Prada

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Professor Frank Arntzenius*
Dr T William Child*
Professor Sujoy Mukerji*
Dr Sophocles Mavroeidis*
Professor Marc Stears*
Professor Ngaire Woods*
Dr Karolina Milewicz*
Dr Ashwini Vasanthakumar
Dr Clare Leaver*
Dr Emily Jones
Dr Stephen Wright 


Professor Robin Nicholas*
Dr Patrick Baird*
Dr John Wheater*
Dr Ana Lopez
Dr Leigh Fletcher*
Mr Jim Talbert


Dr Nicholas Yeung*
Dr Elizabeth Tunbridge*
Professor Daniel Freeman*

Student welfare


Dr William Allan*

Senior Tutor

Dr Anne Knowland*

Pro-Dean for Welfare

Dr Andrew Gregory*

Disability Lead

Dr Anne Knowland*

Disability & Welfare Administrator 

Mrs Catherine Flynn

Adviser to International Students

Mrs Jing Fang

Equality Officer

Miss Sally Stubbs

*Fellow of the college

University College Academic Staff Profiles