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St John's College
The entrance to St John's College.

St John's College

St John’s has a lively and supportive atmosphere, with extensive grounds and some of the most beautiful gardens in Oxford.

St John's CollegeEvents are held at the college throughout the year.
We regard the link between teaching and research as important. All our tutors are active in research, and we have many graduate students. We have schemes for awarding grants to undergraduates for purchases of academic materials such as books and computing equipment, travel purposes of an academic nature, cases of unexpected financial hardship, musical training and costs incurred in representing the University in sports.


St John’s is close to the city centre, with its main entrance on St Giles’. We are a short walk from many University departments, the Science Area and libraries.

Accommodation and meals

All rooms are on the main site or nearby in Museum Road. We guarantee college accommodation for every year of an undergraduate course. Each room in college has an internet connection and all first-year students have access to a shared kitchen. We have excellent facilities for students with disabilities and special funds for visually impaired students.

Most meals in hall are self-service, with a wide range of options. You can buy snacks in the bar or cook for yourself. Kendrew Quad offers 70 ensuite rooms for students in later years along with a Wi-Fi café for all members of college.

Read more on the college website.


We have an excellent library which is open from early morning until midnight every day in term, with over 1,000 new books added each year. There is a computer room with PCs, printers and internet access. We provide Wi-Fi coverage throughout the college.

As well as the student bar, television rooms and laundries, we have an art gallery, two squash courts and two gyms on site. There are plenty of spaces for events.
We have a 200-seater auditorium and music rooms. Our sports ground, a mile from the college, caters for football, rugby, cricket and tennis. There is also a boathouse with 11 boats on the river.

Student societies

St John’s has a joint orchestra with St Anne’s College and an active chapel choir which gives concerts, records CDs and tours internationally. We also host the Humanities Visiting Professorship in classical music and regular amateur and professional recitals and concerts. We invite eminent artists in different media to spend a period in college as Artist in Residence.

Our students stage pantomimes and reviews, and join productions in the University and at the Oxford Playhouse. Sport is played enthusiastically, with everyone having a chance to participate.

We also have our own TV station reflecting the wide range of views and interests of our students.

Academic staff

Archaeology & Anthropology

Professor Dan Hicks
Professor Zuzanna Olszewska*


Dr Natalia Gromak*
Professor Jason Schnell*

Biological Sciences

Professor Heather Bouman*
Professor Theresa Burt de Perera*
Professor Alan Grafen*
Dr Natalia Gromak*
Professor Nick Harberd
Professor Jason Schnell*

Biomedical Sciences

Dr Sandra Campbell*
Dr Natalia Gromak*
Professor Zoltán Molnár*
Professor Kate Nation*
Dr MaryAnn Noonan*
Professor Jaideep J Pandit*
Professor Andrew Parker*
Professor Angela Russell*
Professor Jason Schnell*


Professor Fraser Armstrong*
Professor Richard Compton*
Professor Angela Russell*
Dr Devinder Sivia

Classical Archaeology & Ancient History

Dr Lucy Audley-Miller
Dr Georgy Kantor*


Dr Lucy Audley-Miller*
Dr Benjamin Cartlidge*
Professor Malcolm Davies*
Dr Georgy Kantor*
Dr Daniel Sicka

Computer Science

Dr Stefan Kiefer


Dr Kate Doornik*
Dr Natalie Quinn*


Professor Mark Cannon*
Dr Priyanka Dhopade
Professor Steve Elston*
James Fleming


Dr Hannah Bailey
Professor Patrick Hayes*
Dr Michael Hetherington*
Professor Carolyne Larrington*

Fine Art

Professor Daria Martin*
Dr Catherine Whistler*


Dr Julie Durcan*
Dr Ian Klinke*

History, Modern

Dr Antonia Fitzpatrick
Dr Georgy Kantor*
Dr Manjusha Kuruppath
Professor Hannah Skoda*
Professor Alan Strathern
Professor Mark Whittow
Reverend Professor William Whyte*

History of Art

Dr Catherine Whistler*
Professor Alastair Wright*

Human Sciences

Dr Stuart Basten
Professor Theresa Burt de Perera*
Professor Alan Grafen*
Dr Paul Griffiths
Professor Rosalind Harding*
Professor Zuzanna Olszewska*

Law & Law with Law Studies in Europe

Professor Richard Ekins*
Natalie Mrockova*
Professor Jeremias Prassl
Professor Simon Whittaker*


Professor Charles Batty*
Professor Christopher Beem*
Professor Jan Obloj*
Dr David Seifert*


Dr Sandra Campbell*
Professor Zoltán Molnár*
Professor Jaideep J Pandit*
Professor Andrew Parker*
Professor Angela Russell*
Professor Jason Schnell*

Modern Languages & Joint Schools

Professor Ben Bollig
Professor Julie Curtis
Ms Marie Elven
Ms Corinna Joerres
Ms Claudia Kaiser
Professor Nikolaj Lübecker*
Professor Barry Murnane*
Dr Jenny Oliver*
Ms Caroline Sarfaty
Professor John Charles Smith
Professor Emanuela Tandello


Professor Jason Stanyek*

Oriental Studies

Professor Mohamed-Salah Omri*


Dr Sebastian Gertz*
Professor Alison Hills*
Ms Ellisif Wasmuth


Dr Devinder Sivia
Professor Andrei Starinets*
Dr Georg Viehhauser
Professor Tony Weidberg*

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Dr Kate Doornik*
Dr Iason Gabriel*
Dr Sebastian Gertz*
Professor Alison Hills*
Professor Walter Mattli*
Dr Natalie Quinn*


Dr Sandra Campbell*
Dr Sebastian Gertz*
Dr Paul Griffiths
Professor Alison Hills*
Professor Kate Nation*
Dr MaryAnn Noonan*


Professor Katherine Southwood*

Student welfare

Junior Dean

Aravind Ganesh
Giustina Monti
Nina Schneider
Jacob Taylor

Senior Dean

Professor Jason Schnell*

Tutor for Women

Professor Theresa Burt de Perera*


The Revd Dr Elizabeth Macfarlane*

College Doctor

Dr Deborah Waller

College Nurse

Mrs Vivienne Davies

*Fellow of the college

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