Students enjoying the sunshine
Students enjoying the sunshine at St Hilda's College.
(Credit: St Hilda's College)

St Hilda's College

St Hilda’s is one of the larger progressive colleges, situated alongside the River Cherwell in a spacious and beautiful site. The motto of St Hilda’s is excellence and equality. This captures a very clear and powerful focus on supporting our students – to be the best they possibly can academically, in an environment which allows them to thrive – whatever their background.

Students at St Hilda’s College

The college is a caring academic environment, with passionate and committed tutors. St Hilda’s also offers a generous range of bursaries and financial awards for academic work, travel, sport and other activities. All first year students live on the college’s main site, where self-catering facilities are available, as well as a highly rated dining hall, a gym and one of the most extensive library collections.

St Hilda’s provides all the right ingredients for success in your degree, in one of the most friendly and relaxing settings to be a student in Oxford.

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St Hilda’s is...

…in a great location split right between the great city centre and the lively Cowley Road.

...grounded and friendly. You meet people with a wide range of experiences, from a range of different cultures. The atmosphere is always interesting, never competitive.

...tutors and lecturers who are so passionate about their subject – I’ve benefited tremendously from the tutorial system.

…feeling at ease with some of the best welfare support in the whole of the University.

…generous. With the help of a bursary, I have been able to thrive both academically and in my own self-development.

College facilities

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St Hilda's CollegeRelaxing in the grounds of St Hilda's College.

College accommodation
All first years on site
Usually offered for first year and one other year
Usually offered for three years
Usually offered for all years
Some vacation storage for international students
Dining hall
Gym on site
Library open 24/7
Computer rooms/stations
Wi-Fi throughout college
Music room
Theatre/performance space
Multi-faith prayer room
Clubs & societies activities
Music society
Dramatic society
College student magazine/paper
Some subject societies
Other societies
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St Hilda's College is part of Oxford for South East.

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Access and Outreach at St Hilda's 
Undergraduate Admissions and Outreach Manager: Suzie Jackson

 +44 (0) 1865 286620

Postal address:
St Hilda's College
Cowley Place, Oxford OX4 1DY