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St Edmund Hall
The Front Quad, St Edmund Hall.
(Credit: St Edmund Hall)

St Edmund Hall

St Edmund Hall is home to a friendly, active and diverse community. Studying here, you will soon feel part of a large but inclusive community.

St Edmund HallThe college library, which is housed in the church of St Peter-in-the-East.
Known across the University as ‘Teddy Hall’, the college’s history can be traced back to the 13th century and it is one of the oldest surviving places to house and educate undergraduates in any university. Today it is a beautiful blend of ancient and modern with buildings dating from every century since the 16th.


St Edmund Hall is located just off the High Street in Queen’s Lane with easy access to departments, libraries, museums and shops. Despite being in the city centre, the college site is quiet and relaxed.

Accommodation and meals

The college offers rooms to undergraduates for at least two years of study, and all first years live on the main site which helps to build a strong sense of community. Additional accommodation annexes are all within a short walk of college. All rooms are single study bedrooms with a washbasin or private bathroom. There are self-catering facilities at every site. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the large, modern dining hall, prepared by the college’s award-winning chef.

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The large and well-stocked college library is housed within the Norman church of St Peter-in-the-East: a spectacular and peaceful setting for study. Some special collections are held in the separate 17th-century Old Library. Social and recreational spaces include the Junior Common Room (JCR) with satellite TV, hot drinks, newspaper subscriptions and a separate games room. We also have a music room and a cosy, historic college bar. All college sites, including libraries, common rooms and bedrooms, have high-speed wireless internet provision. There are computer rooms with printing facilities on the main site and at our Norham Gardens accommodation. Although many of our buildings are old, all main areas of the college are accessible.

Student societies

Our students take part in many different extra-curricular activities at the hall alongside their studies. The college has a long tradition in drama, music, the arts and journalism. Our strong artistic community is built around the John Oldham Drama Society, musical activities led by the Director of Music and regular creative writing workshops.

St Edmund Hall students participate in a wide range of sports at all levels. There is a dedicated multi-gym at our Norham Gardens centre, as well as pitches in the University Parks and a boathouse on the River Isis. The crowds that gather to support our teams are one example of the famous ‘Hall spirit’, which unites our community and is fondly remembered long after graduation.

Academic staff


Professor Stuart Ferguson*
Dr Kirsty Hewitson


Professor David Manolopoulos*
Professor Philip Mountford*
Dr Michael Laidlaw 

Earth Sciences (Geology)

Dr Richard Walker*
Dr Roger Benson*
Dr Rebecca Nicholls
Dr David Waters
Dr Stuart Robinson
Mr James Moore


Dr Outi Aarnio*
Dr Dominik Karos*
Dr Linda Yueh*
Dr Climent Quintana-Domeque*
Dr Debrah Noe


Dr Amy Zavatsky*
Dr Richard Willden*
Dr Paul Goulart*


Professor Lucy Newlyn*
Dr Jenni Nuttall*
Dr Tom MacFaul

Fine Art

Dr Jason Gaiger*


Dr Wes Williams*
Professor Nicholas Cronk*
Dr Jake Wadham


Professor Rob Whittaker*
Dr Lorraine Wild*


Dr Alexandra Lloyd

History, Modern

Dr David Priestland*
Mr Nicholas Davidson*


Professor Adrian Briggs*
Dr Aileen Kavanagh*

Management Studies

Dr Dimitrios Tsomocos*
Ms Suellen Littleton

Materials Science

Professor Steve Roberts*
Dr Jonathan Yates*
Professor Mauro Pasta*
Dr Rebecca Nicholls


Professor Oliver Riordan*
Dr Luc Nguyen*

Medicine (Biomedical Sciences)

Dr Robert Wilkins*
Professor Paul Matthews*
Professor Paul Johnson*
Mr John Black
Dr David McCartney*
Mr Roger Grundle
Mr Andrew MacDonald
Dr Brian Shine
Dr Hussein Al-Mossawi


Dr Stephen Blamey*
Dr Peter King
Dr James Wilk


Professor Philipp Podsiadlowski*
Dr Jeffrey Tseng*
Dr Joanna Ashbourn


Dr Karma Nabulsi*


Professor Maryanne Martin*
Dr Heidi Johansen-Berg*
Ms Iana Alexeeva


Professor Andrew Kahn*
Dr Jennifer Baines


Dr Juan-Carlos Conde

Student welfare


Will Donaldson


Mr Nicholas Davidson

Tutor for Undergraduates

Professor Oliver Riordan*

College Nurse

Mrs Glynis Perry

*Fellow of the college