Lincoln College Quad
The grass covered front quad of Lincoln College.

Lincoln College

About the college

Located in the heart of the city, Lincoln is one of Oxford’s smaller colleges with just over 300 undergraduates.

We guarantee accommodation for each year of your course. All first-year rooms have ensuite facilities, as do a significant proportion of our other rooms. Our library is one of the most beautiful in Oxford.

Students at Lincoln College

We know that finance can be a barrier to university and we provide a number of generous bursaries, as well as grants and scholarships, to support those who require help. Our food is regarded as excellent and our dining hall serves three meals every day during term time. Our popular college bar also serves lighter meals.

We provide free membership to the University gym and have a sports field and boathouse. We have college teams in most sports and a number of student societies. Drama and music are particularly popular and each year the Turl Street Arts Festival provides a special focus for student-led arts events.

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Lincoln is...

'…the most caring community in Oxford; both academically and pastorally, the College has supported me in whatever capacity I’ve needed.'

'…in an amazing central location. And we have the most incredible library.'

'…inclusive of all; it celebrates diversity and creates a strong sense of community.'

'…right at the centre of all the action in Oxford.'

Lincoln College

College facilities

Visit our College Facilities page to compare facilities across different colleges.

College accommodation


College availability

All first years on siteYes
Usually offered for all yearsYes
Usually offered for three yearsNot applicable
Usually offered for first year and one other yearNot applicable
Some vacation storage for international studentsYes


Catering type

College availability

Dining hallYes


Facility type

College availability

Gym on siteNo
Library open 24/7No
Computer rooms/stationsYes
Wi-Fi throughout collegeYes
Music roomYes
Theatre/performance spaceYes
Multi-faith prayer roomYes

Clubs and societies

Club / society

College availability

Music societyYes
Dramatic societyYes
College student magazine/paperYes
Some subject societiesYes
Other societiesYes

College outreach

Link areas 

In order to ensure that all areas of the UK are fully supported by the University of Oxford, our colleges are working together to establish Oxford for UK, a series of regional outreach programmes offering tailored and local support to students of mixed ages, their parents and teachers.
Getting in touch with the college linked to your region has no influence on your chances of being accepted to this or any other particular college. You are also very welcome to get in touch with any other college for advice about applying or studying here.
Lincoln College is part of Oxford for East Midlands.

Link Regions


In addition to their existing link areas, Lincoln also offers bespoke and local outreach in the North East of England. 

Outreach programmes

At Lincoln College we are committed to reaching students from all backgrounds, and demonstrate that Lincoln is a diverse, inclusive, and accessible community. We are keen to support young people make informed choices about Oxford and higher education.

As part of the University’s Regionalisation Scheme, each Oxford College focuses their outreach work on particular local authorities across the UK. Lincoln College primarily works with schools and colleges in Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire. We work in partnership with Magdalen College and St Edmund Hall as part of Oxford for East Midlands. We also work as a project partner of Oxford for North East as part of a restructuring of outreach at the University of Oxford.

Our general outreach includes Oxford Taster Days, which is the opportunity for schools to bring groups of students to visit Oxford with a selection of IAG, tours, lunch, and workshops. This is generally for Years 9-12 but can be adapted to other year groups. We also offer sessions in schools covering HE generally, A-level choices, Oxbridge IAG, and Interview Workshops. We are also proud to partner with Brilliant Club and Target Oxbridge across the year.

We also manage more systematic programmes, outlined below.


Pathfinders is a three-year, continuous contact programme for bright and enthusiastic pupils eligible for free school meals in the past six years. Pathfinders works with pupils from our link regions in the East Midlands, particularly Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire.


This is a sustained contact programme that we run in collaboration with St Edmund Hall and Magdalen, the other members of the Oxford for East Midlands outreach consortium. The programme offers information, advice, and guidance, for a group of schools from the East Midlands, including Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire, our direct link authorities.

This programme runs from Year 10 students and grow across the years as we take students right through to applying in Year 13.

Lincoln Study Days

We run several of these, each subject themed. Participants receive a programme based off a carousel of sessions including study skills, academic lectures, IAG, tutorials, and refined based on feedback from last year.

Teacher Conference

We run an event for state school teachers every year and this was the first year we held it in December. This allows teachers to find out about, and experience some of Oxford, as well as a chance to network. This way they can support their students to make competitive applications. 

For a full overview of Lincoln’s access and outreach activities please visit our website.


Access and Outreach at Lincoln
Access Officer: Andrew Miller

 +44 (0) 1865 279973
 [email protected]

Postal address:
Lincoln College
Turl Street, Oxford OX1 3DR

Outreach events

Visit the University's Outreach event calendar to view upcoming outreach events. Please note that some events may require advance booking or have specific eligibility criteria.