A quad at Keble College with the chapel on the left
Liddon Quad, with the Chapel on the left and Liddon Lodge Side accommodation to its right.
(Image credit: Greg Smolonski / Oxford University Images).

Keble College

Keble College was originally established to extend access to Oxford University, and it remains true to that founding vision. We have students from all backgrounds and every corner of the globe. You’d be joining a community where learning is valued and encouraged, but where there’s scope to develop in many other ways too. We’ll assist you not only in studying your chosen subject —and we offer a wide range— but in progressing beyond your degree in your chosen career destination. When you join a college, it can be the beginning of a lifelong association. 

Students at Keble College

Keble’s striking Victorian architecture houses some of the best student accommodation in Oxford, while our beautiful dining hall (the longest in Oxford) allows the college to maintain the tradition of dining together on both informal and formal occasions.

Our students pride themselves on being welcoming and friendly. You won’t find a Keble ‘type’, but you will find a supportive environment made up of students from a range of different backgrounds.

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Keble is...

…an extremely warm and welcoming community. I never feel out of place as an international student and have found my second home here.

…one of the most welcoming environments in Oxford and a truly wonderful place to live!

…the place I've felt most 'myself' ever. It's given me countless opportunities to broaden my intellectual horizons as well as get involved in plenty of extra-curricular activities. I can't imagine being happier elsewhere.

…one of the friendliest places you can be in Oxford, while at the same time being so big and lively! Students and staff alike are always happy to help with anything, making it such a supportive academic and social environment.

College facilities

To compare facilities across different colleges, please visit our College Facilities Table.

College accommodation
All first years on site
Usually offered for three years
Usually offered for all years
Usually offered for first year and one other year
Some vacation storage for international students
Dining hall
Gym on site
Library open 24/7
Computer rooms/stations
Wi-Fi throughout college
Music room
Theatre/performance space
Multi-faith prayer room
Clubs & societies activities
Music society
Dramatic society
College student magazine/paper
Some subject societies
Other societies

In order to ensure that all areas of the UK are fully supported by the University of Oxford, our colleges are working together to establish Oxford for UK, a series of regional outreach programmes offering tailored and local support to students of mixed ages, their parents and teachers.

Getting in touch with the college linked to your region has no influence on your chances of being accepted to this or any other particular college. You are also very welcome to get in touch with any other college for advice about applying or studying here.

Keble College is part of Oxford for West Midlands.

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Access and Outreach at Keble
Access and Outreach Officer: Nicole Boothman
 +44 (0)1865 272759

Admissions  +44 (0) 1865 272711

Postal address:
Keble College
Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PG