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Christ Church
A view across the fish pond in the centre of Tom Quad with a statue of Mercury in the middle.
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Christ Church

Christ Church is one of the larger colleges, offering places for most undergraduate courses. It has a vibrant and diverse community and is committed to attracting talented students whatever their background. Christ Church is fortunate to be able to complement the generous financial support provided by the University. Christ Church students live in college rooms throughout their course and benefit from subsidised dining in the famous 16th-century hall.

Students at Christ Church

The college has a magnificent 18th-century library, a specialised law library and two well-equipped computer rooms. The library is open 8am to 1am. There is a college bar in addition to the Junior Common Room. A dedicated music room, as well as the activities associated with the renowned Cathedral Choir, encourage an active music scene. Regular drawing classes are held in the art room, and the Picture Gallery has a world-famous collection. There are also specialist sports facilities and grounds, and flourishing sports clubs.

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Christ Church is...

…a big college, so you keep meeting new people well into 2nd and maybe even 3rd year.

…having supportive tutors who challenged me when I understood the material, but also helped me when things didn’t make sense.

…a sense of community. There’s enough of us for there to be variety and a lot of people to meet, but at the same time I really feel at home here.

…meeting such a diverse range of people that any worries about stereotypes are soon dispelled.

College facilities

To compare facilities across different colleges, please visit our College Facilities Table.

College accommodation

  • All first years on site: YES
  • Usually offered for three years: YES
  • Usually offered for first year and one other year: NO
  • Usually offered for all years: NO
  • Some vacation storage for international students: YES


  • Dining hall: YES
  • Bar: YES
  • Café: YES


  • Gym on site: NO
  • Boathouse: YES
  • Library open 24/7: NO
  • Computer rooms/stations: YES
  • Wi-Fi throughout college: YES
  • Music room: YES
  • Theatre/performance space: YES
  • Chapel: YES
  • Multi-faith prayer room: NO

 Clubs and societies

  • Music society: YES
  • Orchestra/s: YES
  • Choir/s: YES
  • Dramatic society: YES
  • College student magazine/paper: NO
  • Some subject societies: YES
  • Other societies: YES
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