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Lincoln College
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What is an Oxford college?

The University has 38 colleges, some dedicated to graduates only and others accepting undergraduates and graduates. There are also 6 permanent private halls which admit undergraduates and graduates: they were founded by various Christian denominations and still retain their religious character.

The collegiate system is at the heart of the University’s success, giving students and academics the benefits of belonging to both a large, internationally renowned institution and to a smaller, multidisciplinary, academic college community. Colleges and halls enable leading academics and students across subjects and year groups, and from different cultures and countries, to come together and share ideas. All graduate students are members of both a department or faculty and a college or hall, except those taking non-matriculated courses. Membership of an Oxford college can add a whole new dimension to your experience of graduate study.

Oxford colleges are small, multidisciplinary communities, where graduate students meet academics and fellow students from around the world, and often from a broad range of subjects.

You might find yourself debating your work in college seminars, over meals in the dining hall or in college accommodation late into the evening. Your college will provide you with the chance to establish a new circle of friends quickly, and to access a range of varied social and sporting activities.

All colleges provide library and IT facilities, accommodation, welfare support, and sports and social events. Graduate students benefit from the Middle Common Room (MCR) in their college – both a physical space and an organisation, it provides social events, advice, and a link to the graduate community.

Your college will have a Tutor for Graduates or Senior Tutor whose role includes general oversight of all graduate members of the college, although your academic studies will be directed by your department or faculty. Each graduate student has a college adviser, a senior member of the college’s staff who will be able to offer support and advice.

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