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Application Guide

Official transcript

What is an official transcript?

As part of your application, you must submit a detailed record of all your university-level education up to the present, including courses taken and grades achieved. This includes university-level qualifications which you may perceive as not being relevant to the course you are applying to.

We recognise that some applicants may have been affected by extenuating circumstances that will impact the strength of their application. Information about how to declare extenuating circumstances can be found separately within this Application Guide.

To be considered official, your transcript should come from the institution where you studied. Your institution may need several months to produce your transcript, so you should look into your institution's arrangements as soon as you decide to apply.

Transcript content and format

To be accepted, any transcript you provide (including screenshots) must clearly display:

  • your name;
  • your institution; and
  • a breakdown of grades.

If your transcript contains additional pages with details about how scores are calculated and other relevant information, please include these pages when uploading it. We don't require hard or electronic versions of transcripts to be sent in by email or post when you apply.

Before you submit your application, you can upload transcripts via the ‘Supporting Documents’ section of the application form.

After submitting your application, you can upload transcripts using Graduate Applicant Self-Service.

You can upload up to five transcript documents with your application.

Accepted transcript formats

A scanned version of an official transcript

This will often have a signature or stamp to certify it. The document(s) provided must be readable, but may show watermarks caused by copying or scanning.

An official e-transcript via a secure third-party electronic system

If you'd like to share an official transcript using an electronic system such as Digitary, register the email address [email protected] and choose the longest possible time for the document to be available. We will then add your transcript to the applications you have submitted, although you must let us know if you make any further applications later.

An electronic copy of an interim or provisional transcript provided by your institution

If you're currently studying and/or you do not have access to a transcript of your final results, you should submit an official interim or provisional transcript.


Screenshot images from self-service portals, if you're unable to obtain a transcript document.

Other reports and certificates

In addition, we accept Higher Education Achievement Reports (HEAR).

Where your institution does not issue a grade breakdown for MBBS degrees, a certificate can be accepted.

What we don't accept

We do not accept:

  • Word documents (.doc and .docx)
  • transcripts you have typed or translated yourself.

A degree certificate will not usually qualify as a transcript as it does not include detailed grade information, although it can be used as evidence of a PhD/DPhil qualification.

Requirements if an offer is made

The academic department may require you, as a condition of any offer made, to arrange for a final and/or more formal transcript to be sent to them directly from the institution or accredited e-transcript provider. Alternatively, the hard copy original transcript can be posted to the academic department.

Applicants who are currently studying

If you have not yet completed your current degree and/or you do not have access to a transcript of your final results, you will need to submit an official interim or provisional transcript with details of your grades achieved to date. We will also accept screenshots from self-service portals provided they include the three elements stated in the above guidance.

If you are providing a Master’s transcript that does not yet contain any grades, you must include your undergraduate transcript to be considered ready for assessment.

If you are offered a place on a course starting in Michaelmas term (October) 2024, you will normally be required to arrange for your institution or accredited e-transcript provider to submit an official transcript with your final results by 31 August (or earlier, depending on the department’s requirements). Alternatively, the hard copy original transcript can be posted to the academic department. If you're applying for a research course and it isn't possible for you to meet this deadline, you should ask your department if you can be considered for a later start term.

Applicants with transcripts not in English

If your official transcript is in any language other than English, you must submit:

  • the original official transcript, and
  • a translation of the transcript into English which is either:
    • issued and stamped by the institution that issued your transcript, or
    • translated by a professional translator and visibly certified – ie signed and stamped – by the professional translator or an authorised notary.

Any non-English transcripts you upload to your application without a translation will be rejected.

Current and former Oxford students

If you are a current or former Oxford student, you must still submit a transcript when applying for graduate study, ensuring that this includes:

  • your name;
  • your institution; and
  • a breakdown of grades.

If you are a current Oxford student you must still provide a transcript/screenshots containing the above elements even if you have not yet received any grades for your course. For example, a breakdown of modules without corresponding grades. 

The University's website provides guidance on how to obtain a final or on-course transcript for your studies at Oxford. You may submit screenshots from Student Self-Service as long as it contains the above information.

What if my institution is unable to provide me with a transcript?

If your institution is unable to provide you with an official or provisional transcript – for example, due to the length of time since you studied there – you must ask them to provide written confirmation of this. This should include any details about your study that the institution can confirm, such as when you started and finished your degree, your degree title and your final grade. You may upload the written confirmation to your application instead of your transcript, or your institution may send it to us directly.

Unclassified degrees

Applicants whose institution awarded unclassified degrees due to the pandemic may still apply for graduate courses at Oxford. Our assessors will make their decision based on any graded modules in your transcript, the strength of the other elements of the application, and the references. You will have the opportunity to declare any extenuating circumstances on the ‘Qualifications and experience’ tab of the form, and you may wish to ask your referees to comment on the unclassified part of your degree and your expected performance if that part had been graded. 

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