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A student in front of Christ Church
A student in front of Christ Church
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Graduate Applicant Self Service

Once your application has been reviewed by Graduate Admissions, you will be able to access Graduate Applicant Self Service when you log in to your application account. This review is usually completed within a few working days but may take longer around application deadlines.

Graduate Applicant Self Service allows you to edit and add referees, upload missing documents or documents your department has requested, update your information and see the status of your references and your overall application. 

You can access Graduate Applicant Self Service for submitted applications after you log in to the online application system:


User Guide

The Graduate Applicant Self Service User Guide contains full instructions on how to use each of the self service functions:

Managing your references

You can use self-service to change a referee’s email address if it was entered incorrectly and to send a new request to the corrected address. You can also add a new referee if one of your original referees is not able to fulfil the request.

You can re-send the automated reference request to your referees as a reminder or if a referee has misplaced the original request. However, we would strongly recommend that you contact your referees personally before re-sending the request.

Uploading documents

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please also see our dedicated Coronavirus page for additional information and advice for applicants and offer holders about uploading documents.

If you are still missing any required documents after you apply, you will be able to upload these. You must ensure that you upload any missing documents before the application deadline that you intend to meet.

Please do not upload any documents that are not required to support your application, such as a degree certificate or photograph.

Once your application is ready for assessment, you will only be able to upload transcripts and/or English language test results. After this point, you will not be able to upload updated versions of the following:

  • CV
  • written work
  • research proposal
  • statement of purpose

Once a decision has been made on your application, no further documents can be uploaded.

Personal and contact information

You must notify us if your contact details change at any time during the admissions process, as the University may need to contact you at any point.

If you are notifying us of a change of your name, citizenship or date of birth then you will need to upload official evidence showing the new information, such as your passport. If any other personal details change after submitting your application, please contact Graduate Admissions.

Application status

You will be able to check whether your application is under review, incomplete or ready for assessment, as well as the status of your references.

However, please note that once your application is ready for assessment, any further updates, including the final outcome of your application, will be communicated to you directly by the academic department rather than via Self Service.

Withdrawing your application

It is not currently possible to withdraw an application using self service. If you need to withdraw before you receive a decision, please contact Graduate Admissions with your full name, date of birth, applicant ID (if received) and the course title. It is not necessary to withdraw applications you have not submitted.

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