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Applicant Self-Service Guide

Reference management and status

Managing your references

You can use self-service to change a referee’s email address if it was entered incorrectly and to send a new request to the corrected address. You can also add a new referee if one of your original referees is not able to fulfil the request.

You can re-send the automated reference request to your referees as a reminder or if a referee has misplaced the original request. However, we would strongly recommend that you contact your referees personally before re-sending the request.

Graduate applications will be considered ready for assessment once two of the references have been submitted, as well as all the other required documents. Note that the third reference may still be required later by the academic department.

Checking the status of your references

To check whether your references have been submitted, click on the Manage Referees button for the relevant application.

In the Referee Details table, the right hand column will display whether the reference has been submitted.

For any referees that have not yet completed your reference you will be given the options to:

  • Send a reminder reference request email (Resend Reference Request)
  • Edit the referee’s email address (Edit Referee); or
  • Add another referee (Add Referee).

You will only be able to send one reminder email per day to each referee. Once you have sent the reminder, the 'Resend Reference Request' button for that referee will be disabled until the next day. The maximum number of referees that you can register for your application is six.