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News, case studies, and stories from Oxford researchers and academics, exploring how their research and expertise has informed policymaking; how they have built mutually beneficial relationships with policymakers; and some suggestions as to how others might engage with policy to make a difference in the world.

Professor Eyre offers a unique perspective on the history of the environmental movement, at a time when it has gone mainstream - although he commenced his interest when one of the great social issues of the day was the demand to keep coal mines open

From OPEC to Net Zero and still optimistic: Professor Nick Eyre on 34 years as an environmentalist

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Now (sort of) approaching retirement, Professor Eyre offers a unique perspective on the history of the environmental movement, at a time when it has gone mainstream. When he commenced his interest, one of the great social issues of the day was the demand to keep coal mines open.

Emily Jones

Preparing the UK for a new era of trade

As the United Kingdom enters a new era of trade after leaving the European Union, the government is now tasked with developing a strategic trade policy that balances multiple stakeholder priorities.
Library interior

Enabling digital inclusion through public libraries

Impact case study

Dr Kira Allmann and colleagues have worked with public libraries across Oxfordshire to identify barriers to digital inclusion and develop recommendations to help libraries better support digital access and skill development.
Problematic old labels over image of museum interior

Rethinking the ‘Collection Development Policy’ for the Pitt Rivers Museum

Impact case study

Marenka-Thompson-Odlum and colleagues examined the Pitt Rivers’ Collection Development Policy in the light of initiatives to decolonise the museum, gaining insights and recommendations which will inform a policy update.
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Uncovering Europe’s Stories

Impact case study

The Oxford University research project Europe’s Stories, led by Professor Timothy Garton Ash, aims to explore what Europeans really think about Europe, what people’s real experiences of Europe are, and what they want the EU to do by 2030.
infographic highlighting ethnic inequalities in maternal mortality

Driving policy change to prevent maternal deaths

Impact case study

The MBRRACE programme is influencing policy and services to support pregnant women and prevent maternal deaths.
statue showing refugees

Boosting life chances for resettled refugees

Impact case study

Software developed by an international team including Dr Alex Teytelboym from Oxford University is helping to resettle refugees in communities where they are more likely to flourish.
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Operation Condor

Impact case study

An Oxford University research project is helping to achieve justice for victims of transnational human rights abuses.

Cybersecurity, risk and resilience: researchers and lawmakers convene in Oxford to explore critical challenges

It comes as Commonwealth countries seek to promote stability in cyberspace through international co-operation as part of their 2018 Commonwealth Cyber Declaration.

A woman and child in Khayelitsha, Cape Town

Accelerating achievement for Africa’s adolescents

Lucie Cluver, Professor of Child and Family Social Work, leads an £18.5 million research hub aimed at helping 20 million adolescents across Africa to fulfil their potential. Here she talks about her team’s work with adolescents in and outside South Africa, and with the policymakers who shape their lives.
Winter sunset at Lama Temple, Beijing

Shining a light on China's history to build understanding of its future

The ongoing trade war between the USA and China is one of the biggest potential threats to the global economy. With both superpowers imposing billions of pounds' worth of tariffs on each other's goods, it's a bitter conflict – but exemplifies why it's important to build understanding of China, according to Rana Mitter, Professor of the History and Politics of Modern China. Mary Dalrymple, Professor of Syntax, spoke to Rana about how he has informed understanding of China in, and outside, of the country; and established himself as a source of independent expertise to policy makers.
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From 'disaster' to digital

Iain McLean - So, Helen, can you tell us more about your work relating to policy, at the Turing Institute and beyond?

Researchers with Enggano consultant, Pak Aron (Photo credit: Ken Kahn)

Back from the brink

Katrin Kohl - What motivates you? Why is it important that we should stop languages from disappearing?

Palace of Westminster

Bishops, Brexit and bridge-building: connecting political research and public policy

Calum Miller – What motivates your research, Iain? Why do you study the things you study?

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Reforming the IMF and the World Bank

Impact case study

An Oxford academic has addressed G20 members, Commonwealth heads of government, the European Union and the World Economic Forum at Davos.