Researcher Stories: Policy Engagement

Oxford’s researchers and academics have a wealth of experience in engaging with policymakers and contributing to policy impact. Researchers from across faculties and subject areas are working to share knowledge and expertise with the policymaking community so that, together, we can contribute to better policies that protect what is valuable and change the world for the better. 

Public policy making - powered by the best available research evidence and expertise - has challenged many at Oxford to think differently about their own research and the impact it can have. But how do you start? And how can your research be used to contribute to policy making efforts? 

In this video series researchers from across departments, and their policy partners, share what they have learned from working together.

About the Oxford Policy Engagement Network

OPEN is a growing network of researchers, doctoral students and professional services staff at the University of Oxford who share a vision of public policy powered by the world’s best available research evidence and expertise. OPEN connects researchers across the University with opportunities to engage with the policymaking community locally, nationally and internationally and enables researchers with a passion for improving public policy to understand better the relevance of their research to policymakers; work with policymakers to identify and explore mutual interests; and develop and leverage networks and other resources to generate benefits to research, policy and the wider world.

David Johnson, Comparative education researcher

David Johnson

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