Using your research
Using your research to engage with...
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Using your research to engage with...

There are lots of resources across the University to help you use your research to interact with organisations or individuals outside academia.

...research impact

...the media

...potential students

Access, Outreach and Widening Participation

...the public


...policy makers

Policy Engagement

...external organisations

There are many teams who can support your interactions with external organisations

Knowledge Exchange (mutually beneficial sharing of ideas, data, experience, and expertise between researchers and organisations outside academia)

Business Development with commercial partners (commercial Research & Development, strategic relationships)

Additional University-wide Knowledge Exchange and Impact resources and support

...intellectual property and commercialisation

IP, Licensing and Technology Transfer

...starting a company enterprise

  • Support from the Oxfordshire Social Enterprise Partnership (OSEP)
  • Since 2012, the University of Oxford has run a Social Enterprise awards scheme, in collaboration with Oxford Hub, as part of a programme funded by the Higher Education Innovation Funding. The scheme has supported about 50 projects in which students and staff aim to engage with the local community to solve social issues.

    In this short video some of the students from the University of Oxford talk about their social Enterprises and how they have used their Social Enterprise award funding to create sustainable social enterprises.


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