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A statement, March 2017: Local government reorganisation in Oxfordshire

The structure and smooth running of local government in Oxfordshire are of paramount importance to the University of Oxford. The future success of the University relies on efficient infrastructure, adequate housing, economic health and the provision of a thriving and enjoyable place for staff and students to live and work.

The University is an important stakeholder in discussions with the County, the City and other Oxfordshire districts that are working to establish a model that works best for the region and the City. The University has not expressed a preference for either of the proposed models. We hope, as the negotiations progress that a solution which reflects the differing interests and needs of Oxford and Oxfordshire in the most efficient way will be forthcoming.

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The University is proud to work in partnership with Oxford Pride. University staff have served as committee members from its inception in 2003 to the present day. The University hosts an event in the week leading up to the festival and takes part in festivities with a stall at the main event.


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