The Clarendon Building
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Clarendon scholars 2020-21

The list below contains details of Clarendon scholars from the 2020-21 cohort.

Abdul RadUnited States of AmericaDPhil in Sociology (PT)Nuffield College
Abheek GhoshIndiaDPhil in Computer ScienceExeter College
Abhishek Ranjan DattaIndiaDPhil in International DevelopmentLincoln College
Ahmed TohamyEgyptDPhil in EconomicsNuffield College
Ajantha AbeyAustraliaDPhil in Physiology, Anatomy and GeneticsKeble College
Alexzander HudsonUnited States of AmericaDPhil in Geography and the EnvironmentOriel College
Alfie SteerEnglandDPhil in HistoryHertford College
Alicia García SierraSpainDPhil in SociologyNuffield College
Alison FarrarUnited States of AmericaDPhil in Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)Keble College
Amy HolguinUnited KingdomDPhil in Archaeological ScienceHertford College
Andrew HochstedlerUnited KingdomDPhil in Oriental StudiesCampion Hall
Andrew Ó hEachteirnIrelandDPhil in Sustainable Approaches to Biomedical Science: Responsible and Reproducible Research (CDT)Balliol College
Anhad AroraUnited KingdomDPhil in MusicMerton College
Annabel HancockUnited KingdomDPhil in HistorySt John's College
Anne CalderbankUnited KingdomDPhil in Theology and ReligionOriel College
Archana RameshEnglandDPhil in Clinical NeurosciencesSt John's College
Ariq HatibieHong Kong (SAR)MSc in Global Governance and DiplomacyWolfson College
Arthur WottonUnited KingdomMSt in Modern LanguagesThe Queen's College
Bergthor TraustasonUnited KingdomDPhil in Interdisciplinary Bioscience (BBSRC DTP)Lincoln College
Bill De la rosaUnited States of AmericaDPhil in CriminologyBrasenose College
Catherine O'brienUnited KingdomDPhil in ArchaeologyKeble College
Catriona ParryUnited KingdomDPhil in Medieval and Modern LanguagesLincoln College
Chane KulenkampffSouth AfricaMSc in Surgical Science and PracticeKellogg College
Chuyan TangChinaDPhil in Organic ChemistryBalliol College
Clemence HautefortEnglandDPhil in Public PolicyTrinity College
Corrie HylandCanadaDPhil in Archaeological ScienceHertford College
Daghan AkkarTurkeyDPhil in EconomicsNuffield College
Daniel DewarUnited KingdomDPhil in MaterialsLinacre College
Daniel KodsiUnited States of AmericaDPhil in PhilosophyTrinity College
Dearbhla KellyUnited KingdomMSc in Evidence-Based Health CareHarris Manchester College
Defne SaatciUnited KingdomDPhil in Primary Health CareGreen Templeton College
Denis TopalovicScotlandDPhil in EnglishMagdalen College
Dingmin WangChinaDPhil in Computer ScienceLinacre College
Dominic HandUnited KingdomDPhil in EnglishMerton College
Dominic SandhuUnited KingdomDPhil in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry New College
Dylan ShermanAustraliaDPhil in Engineering ScienceTrinity College
Eleonora ColliItalyDPhil in Classical Languages and LiteratureCorpus Christi College
Eli BernsteinUnited KingdomDPhil in HistoryJesus College
Eli Mitchell-LarsonUnited States of AmericaDPhil in Geography and the EnvironmentChrist Church
Elisa CozziItalyDPhil in EnglishThe Queen's College
Elizabeth CullinaneFranceDPhil in MusicMerton College
Elizabeth JonesUnited KingdomDPhil in MaterialsTrinity College
Elizabeth ThomasAustraliaDPhil in Primary Health CareKellogg College
Ella WilliamsUnited KingdomDPhil in Oriental StudiesMagdalen College
Elodie FreymannEnglandDPhil in AnthropologyKeble College
Emma BarnesUnited States of AmericaMPhil in Judaism and Christianity in the Greek and Roman WorldWycliffe Hall
Emma SlaterUnited KingdomDPhil in EnglishExeter College
Ethan Turner freemanUnited KingdomMSt in Modern LanguagesJesus College
Fernanda Gonçalves AbrantesBrazilDPhil in Particle PhysicsSt Cross College
Fionn Montell-BoydUnited KingdomDPhil in History of ArtTrinity College
Flavia ConstantinescuEnglandDPhil in BiochemistryNew College
Florence EcclestonUnited KingdomMSt in Medieval StudiesJesus College
Frances ClementeItalyDPhil in Medieval and Modern LanguagesPembroke College
Gabriel JonesAustraliaDPhil in Women's and Reproductive HealthThe Queen's College
Georgiana DimaUnited KingdomDPhil in Engineering ScienceChrist Church
Guosheng JiChinaDPhil in Engineering ScienceTrinity College
Haitian MaChinaMSt in Comparative Literature and Critical TransJesus College
Hanna PsychasUnited KingdomMSt in Women's StudiesWolfson College
Hannah PhillipsUnited KingdomDPhil in Social PolicyWolfson College
Harriet McKinley-smithUnited KingdomDPhil in Medieval and Modern LanguagesJesus College
Henry Wilson-SmithUnited States of AmericaMSc in Refugee and Forced Migration StudiesLady Margaret Hall
Hillary McLauchlinUnited States of AmericaMSc in Social Science of the InternetBalliol College
Hrushikesh LoyaIndiaDPhil in Genomic Medicine and StatisticsBalliol College
Hui Min TayAustraliaDPhil in Inorganic ChemistrySomerville College
Isaac WaltonUnited KingdomDPhil in Medical SciencesSomerville College
Ivan Alex LazartePhilippinesDPhil in Physiology, Anatomy and GeneticsCorpus Christi College
Jacob ChatterjeeUnited KingdomDPhil in HistoryBalliol College
Jacob FordhamUnited KingdomDPhil in Oriental StudiesUniversity College
James LeesCanadaDPhil in HistoryTrinity College
James SunderlandUnited KingdomDPhil in HistoryMerton College
Jenasee MynerichCanadaMSc in Radiation BiologySt Peter's College
Joanna SmithEnglandDPhil in HistoryLincoln College
John ColleyGuernseyDPhil in EnglishJesus College
John De BhalAustraliaDPhil in International RelationsNuffield College
Jonathan BroadUnited KingdomMSc in Paediatric Infectious DiseasesKellogg College
Jonathan RogersEnglandMSt in Film AestheticsCorpus Christi College
Josef BloomfieldUnited KingdomDPhil in Oriental StudiesLady Margaret Hall
Joseph McManusUnited KingdomDPhil in Physical and Theoretical ChemistryJesus College
Joshua LappenUnited States of AmericaDPhil in HistoryLincoln College
Justin LeeUnited States of AmericaDPhil in PoliticsUniversity College
Katarzyna ChwaleniaUnited KingdomDPhil in PaediatricsSt Cross College
Katarzyna JaroszewiczPolandDPhil in Medieval and Modern LanguagesBrasenose College
Kate FriesenCanadaDPhil in OncologyChrist Church
Keith ChambersAustraliaDPhil in MathematicsBalliol College
Kenneth ShinozukaUnited States of AmericaDPhil in PsychiatryBalliol College
Klara PileticGermanyDPhil in Molecular and Cellular MedicineBalliol College
Konradin EiglerGermanyDPhil in HistoryWolfson College
Kuang-Ting KoTaiwanDPhil in Cellular Structural BiologyJesus College
Lachlan DeimelAustraliaDPhil in Molecular Cell Biology in Health and DiseaseBrasenose College
Lauryn AndersonUnited KingdomMSt in English (1900-present)Hertford College
Leo KlarnerGermanyDPhil in Sustainable Approaches to Biomedical Science: Responsible and Reproducible Research (CDT)Brasenose College
Lia YehUnited States of AmericaDPhil in Computer ScienceOriel College
Liam BekirskyCanadaDPhil in Information, Communication, and Social ScienceSt Antony's College
Liam PlimmerUnited KingdomMSt in English (1900-present)Jesus College
Luise MorawetzGermanyDPhil in Medieval and Modern LanguagesHertford College
Luke PriestleyUnited KingdomDPhil in Experimental PsychologyBrasenose College
Luke TaylorEnglandDPhil in Physiology, Anatomy and GeneticsHertford College
Maike NowatzkiGermanyDPhil in Geography and the EnvironmentHertford College
Maksim ZubokGermanyMPhil in Politics: European Politics and SocietyNuffield College
Mariona Miyata-SturmNorwayDPhil in PhilosophyNew College
Martha HamiltonUnited KingdomMSc in Refugee and Forced Migration StudiesKellogg College
Matthew DownerCanadaDPhil in Clinical NeurosciencesBrasenose College
Matthew PadgettUnited States of AmericaMSc in ArchaeologyUniversity College
McQueen SumHong Kong (SAR)DPhil in EducationNew College
Michael O'KeefeUnited KingdomDPhil in MusicThe Queen's College
Michael ScottCanadaDPhil in Archaeological ScienceSt John's College
Muhammed Ikramul Hoque MiahUnited KingdomDPhil in Theology and ReligionSt John's College
Murat EczacibasiTurkeyMSc in Financial EconomicsTrinity College
Natasha BradleyUnited KingdomDPhil in EnglishLincoln College
Nathan CoundonUnited KingdomMPhil in Philosophical TheologySt Stephen's House
Nathan Van WeesAustraliaDPhil in LawBalliol College
Nicholas SmartUnited KingdomDPhil in EnglishNew College
Nicola CarotenutoItalyDPhil in HistorySt Hugh's College
Nikki BaileyUnited States of AmericaDPhil in Theology and ReligionLincoln College
Nikolas BayaUnited States of AmericaDPhil in Genomic Medicine and StatisticsPembroke College
Nishant ChauhanIndiaDPhil in Earth SciencesSt John's College
Olivia McGinnisUnited States of AmericaMSc in Neuroscience (1+3)Magdalen College
Palash SinghIndiaDPhil in MathematicsExeter College
Patrick PflughauptUnited KingdomDPhil in Medical SciencesHertford College
Pavle KravljanacSerbiaDPhil in Organic ChemistryMerton College
Praveen WeeratungaSri LankaDPhil in Clinical MedicineExeter College
Quang NguyenUnited States of AmericaDPhil in Clinical MedicineJesus College
Rachel HounsellUnited KingdomDPhil in Clinical MedicineGreen Templeton College
Rachel O'nunainUnited KingdomDPhil in EnglishMansfield College
Ricardo Gonzales VeraPeruDPhil in Medical SciencesBalliol College
Richard ZhouAustraliaDPhil in Cellular Structural BiologyMagdalen College
Robert CheahUnited KingdomDPhil in PoliticsMerton College
Rowland Anthony ImperialSingaporeDPhil in EducationJesus College
Sameer Rashid BhatIndiaDPhil in Public PolicyLinacre College
Sarah BowersCanadaMSc in Integrated ImmunologyLinacre College
Satoshi HayakawaJapanDPhil in MathematicsSt Catherine's College
Segun AfolaranmiNigeriaMSc in Integrated ImmunologyGreen Templeton College
Selma RezguiEnglandMSt in Modern LanguagesSt Hilda's College
Shannon TaylorNew ZealandDPhil in ZoologySt Hilda's College
Shekinah Vera-CruzUnited KingdomMPhil in Greek and/or Roman HistoryMerton College
Solomon AdlerUnited States of AmericaDPhil in Fine ArtSt John's College
Sophie Wilhelmina Van LeurNetherlandsDPhil in Molecular Cell Biology in Health and DiseaseSomerville College
Souvik GiriIndiaDPhil in Inorganic ChemistryExeter College
Sumali BajajIndiaDPhil in Environmental Research (NERC DTP)St Edmund Hall
Sunil PokharelNepalDPhil in Clinical MedicineMerton College
Sven GiegerichGermanyMSc in Social Data ScienceKeble College
Sven TurkaljCroatiaDPhil in Medical SciencesKellogg College
Talah AndersonUnited KingdomDPhil in Oriental StudiesWolfson College
Tobias KawalecGermanyMPhil in EconomicsNuffield College
Ulfat IslamUnited KingdomMSt in World Literatures in EnglishTrinity College
Vasile RotaruFranceDPhil in LawThe Queen's College
Vittorio DanoviItalyDPhil in Classical Languages and LiteratureLincoln College
Wesley RidgwayCanadaDPhil in MathematicsSomerville College
William BlytheUnited KingdomDPhil in Oriental StudiesSt John's College
William ScottUnited KingdomDPhil in Social Intervention and Policy EvaluationSt Hilda's College
Wyn ShawUnited KingdomDPhil in Linguistics, Philology and PhoneticsSt Hilda's College
Xavier BlackNew ZealandDPhil in Public PolicyLincoln College
Xiaona WangChinaDPhil in EducationSt Antony's College
Xinmiao HuChinaDPhil in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary PhysicsBrasenose College
Xintong LiChinaDPhil in Musculoskeletal SciencesBrasenose College
Yixuan HeChinaDPhil in StatisticsBalliol College
Yuwen ChenChinaDPhil in Engineering ScienceLincoln College