Clarendon Annual Reception 2019
Credit: John Cairns

Clarendon Scholars' Association

One of the many benefits of being a Clarendon Scholar is membership of the Clarendon Scholars’ Association.

The Clarendon Scholars’ Association plays an integral part in ensuring the Clarendon community spirit. Although the community has evolved over time, the purpose has remained the same. The Association seeks to advance the education of members by providing opportunities in leisure time activities, social welfare and, in particular, their personal, physical and cultural development. Although this can sound daunting, the principle is to ensure Clarendon scholars experience a range of educational and personal opportunities and activities depending on their preferences.  This network for engagement is separate from those of academic departments or college affiliations, and brings together uniquely like-minded people for the formation of life-long friendships and shared intellectual curiosity.

At the heart of the community is the Clarendon Scholars’ Council. Elected annually, the Council offers a full programme of events across the year. Term cards normally include a range of activities such as Clarendon lectures and symposiums, cultural and historical trips, and a wide range of sports and recreational activities. The Council also aims to facilitate opportunities for personal and professional development, as well as opportunities to build connections with partnership scholarship groups and professional networks.

Whether it’s ballet or football, opera or graffiti art, charity runs or community outreach programmes, formal dinners or library study dates, the Clarendon Scholars’ Council has got an event for you or if not, they soon will do with your input!

Visit the Clarendon Scholars' Association website: for scholar profiles and information about the Council, Council run activities and events, and much more.

The Clarendon Scholarship has provided an immense opportunity to come to Oxford, and to take part in this vibrant community. Through Clarendon events, I have made friends from across the University – from engineers to philosophers. It has provided a glimpse into other worlds here at Oxford, and a forum for connecting across them.

Joshua Goldstein, MPhil International Relations

Your fellow Clarendon Scholars are normally the very first people you meet when you start at Oxford for your graduate course.

The Welcome Event is timed to coincide with the Clarendon Scholars' Association (CSA) Clarendon Freshers Week, put on by the CSA Council during -1st week. The Welcome Event is hosted by the Clarendon Fund and gives us a chance to introduce ourselves and tell you more about the Clarendon Fund.

Over the years, we have held the Welcome Event at many of Oxford’s iconic venues such as the Divinity School, the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford University Press, The Museum of Natural History, and the Ashmolean Museum to name a few. This informal welcome is also a great opportunity to get to know each other as well as the Clarendon Scholars’ Council over drinks and nibbles.

I am extremely grateful to be part of the Clarendon community. Not only does it support me with my studies, but it’s also a great opportunity to find friends and peers, to exchange ideas and opinions and spend time outside both the college and the department.

Maria Giovanna Foti, DPhil Particle Physics

The Clarendon Annual Reception is an opportunity to celebrate the hard work of the Clarendon Scholars over the previous year, as well as to thank all our partners and friends from the University, its colleges, Oxford University Press and beyond for their continued support and assistance in ensuring the success of the scholarship. The event has been held at numerous University of Oxford buildings including the Weston Library, the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford University Press and the Blavatnik School of Government. Usually hosted by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education with representatives of Oxford University Press (OUP) attending, this event celebrates all the individuals and organisations across the University that support Clarendon.